Automotive Press Releases

Mercedes Benz of Westwood to Take Delivery of New Metris Mid-Sized Van in October

Mercedes Benz of Westwood announced that it will be accepting some of the region's first shipments of the Mercedes Metris mid-sized van in October. Packing the legendary quality and capability of the full-sized Mercedes Sprinter van into a more agile and compact form, the new 2016 Metris will appeal to those looking for a hard-working van with improved maneuverability. The new Metris mid-sized van will be available to buyers at Mercedes Benz of Westwood in October, marking the first appearance of the eagerly awaited vehicle in New England.

Milestone Liberty Launches New Vehicle Inspection Public Awareness Campaign

Milestone Liberty, one of the state's leading automotive maintenance and repair specialists, launched a brand new public awareness campaign. Intended to help drivers throughout Maryland understand the value and importance of regular vehicle inspections, the just-commenced campaign will include a number of outreach initiatives and media availability opportunities. Providing everything from full engine rebuilds to the Oil change Germantown MD residents trust and prefer above all others, Milestone Liberty employs ASE-certified mechanics and is fully accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Tata Motors Introduce the Brand New Tata Indigo eCS, Reports

Tata Motors also introduced the much anticipated and the much famed face-lifted edition of its best selling Tata Indigo eCS in the Indian market.

Holiday RV South Names New General Manager

Jeremiah Webb, owner of Holiday RV South, has named Shane Rorick to assume the responsibilities of General Manager. "The decision to move Shane into this position was an easy one." stated Mr. Webb. "In his first year as Sales Manager for Holiday RV South, Shane broke our single year sales record both in terms of number of RVs sold and in dollars generated for the dealership. He leads by example and has motivated everyone in the dealership to new levels of performance. He's a natural for this position."

JohnnyDents Is Now Offering Free Online Estimates

LogoBody damage to automobiles represents one of the most frequent and costly occurrences for drivers. Even minor collisions and accidents can result in thousands of dollars worth of damage. Americans take pride in the upkeep of their vehicle’s appearance. However, most people don’t have the disposable income to make expensive body repairs to a damaged vehicle. Even when a driver has selected a comprehensive insurance policy, there is often a costly deductible. Depending on the cost of the deductible, an aesthetic repair may not be worth it for some drivers. Thankfully, JohnnyDents can offer South Jersey paintless dent repair at an affordable rate. Now, JohnnyDents is offering their customers free online estimates.

Maruti Suzuki Introduces the Limited and Face-Lifted Edition of Eeco Smiles, Reports

The Indian market leader has recently launched the all new face-lifted edition of Maruti Eeco that is much famed as the Eeco Smiles.

Parts Geek Announces the Expansion of Its Extensive Line of Parts with the Addition of EBC Brakes

Parts Geek, one of the top suppliers of imported and domestic car parts and accessories, has just announced that it has added EBC brakes to its already extensive inventory. Takes Online Car Marketplace by Storm with New Search Feature

Think back to the last time you purchased a used car. There is a very good chance that you bought it by heading down to the car lot, listening to the pitch by the car salesman and possibly walked off the lot with a vehicle that wasn’t necessarily worth the value you purchased it for. Getting put on the spot by a salesman can make purchasing used cars difficult and influence you to buy a vehicle that you regret later on down the road.

Auto Insure Savings Launch Mobile Website Optimized for Users on the Move

In today’s fast paced world, most people want to be able to find information quickly and without fuss. When it comes to comparing insurance quotes however, the process remains arduous even through popular price comparison sites. Information must be entered as to the kind of insurance individuals are looking for before they are then presented with a list of options, often from major providers who have sponsored their place in the results. Auto Insure Savings has always done things differently, and they have now sped up the process even more with a fully optimized mobile website.

Blog Enlightens Users on How to Find the Best New Car Deals on the Internet

Buying a new car is easier than ever, chiefly because of the Internet and the multiple sites available to help customers through the old tricks of car dealers. While these tricks and techniques are designed to increase profits, many car dealerships are honest and forthright about their services. Provides Best New Solution for Online Auto Sales

It’s about time we’ve seen a change in the way cars are marketed on the Internet. With literally millions of cars for sale online at places like, Craigslist and, who really has time these days to answer dozens of ads only to find that the car you are interested in has already taken by a previous bidder? Similarly, typical land-based automotive sales lots are far too congested and controlling-- resulting in emotional car shopping frustration, or simply settling for an auto purchase you come to regret at a much later date.

Tata Motors Introduce the Brand New Tata Safari Storme Explorer Edition, Reports

Tata Motors also introduced the much anticipated and the much famed Explorer Edition of its best-selling Tata Safari Storme in the Indian market.

Hyundai Motors Takes Much Pride in the 2014 Edition of Neo Fluidic Elantra, Reports

Hyundai Motors recently unveiled the plans of launching the all new face-lifted edition of one of its best cars and the much famed Hyundai Elantra in the Indian Market.

Executive Auto Salon Is Now Offering Detailing Services for Exotic and Luxury Vehicles

LogoThe staff at Executive Auto Salon has an unparalleled passion for automotive service. Whether a customer is looking for auto body shops in PA or professional detailing, Executive Auto Salon always goes the extra mile for their customers. Many customers of Executive Auto Salon take great pride in keeping their vehicles in pristine condition. Exotic and luxury car owners have relied upon Executive Auto Salon for a variety of services. Now, Executive Auto Salon is offering extensive detailing services for exotic and luxury vehicles.

Toyota Motors to Roll out a Compact SUV of Rush in India, Reports

Toyota Motors too has unveiled its plans of launching the all new Toyota Rush around the month of November 2013 in the Indian market.

Magline Award-Winning Solution as Part of Hundred Great Supply Chain Projects

LogoThe 2013 Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100 are supply chain solution and service providers that are helping their customers and clients achieve supply chain excellence. They have produced measurable gains in ROI through cost-cutting, and increased efficiency, whether in warehouse, transportation, procurement sourcing or any other category in the end-to-end supply chain.

Mahindra Quanto Expected to Be Launched in Nepal, Reports

India’s leading online portal for posting the particulars about used and new cars, perceives that Mahindra & Mahindra Company has planned it big to race past the offerings of Ford Motors in fast growing market of Nepal.

Sunnyvale Auto Body Shop Da-Les Auto Body Welcomes LinkedIn to the City They've Been in for 35 Years

In recent news, technology giant, LinkedIn announced it is expanding into Sunnyvale, CA. In June 2014, the company will move into a yet to be built campus that will hold about 3,000 employees. Excited about the news, Sunnyvale auto body shop, Da-Les Auto Body, which has been serving customers in the area since 1978, welcomes LinkedIn to the increasingly popular city.

Torque Motor Manufacturer Alxion Reveals Detailed Specifications for State-of-the-Art Machinery

Torque motor and permanent magnet generator manufacturer Alxion recently announced the release of an extensive application note designed to address any questions automation engineers may have regarding Alxion’s range of ST and STK torque motors for direct drive of automated axis with torques from 7 Nm up to 11000 Nm. Included in the application note are the complete specifications for electronic drives and supplies for controlling the motors and the associated position transducers both for frameless versions and complete built-in versions. Alxion's purpose through its detailed application notes is to guide users and make its technology for direct drive motors and alternators more accessible.

Jomac Ltd Reveals New Aluminium Truck Bodies

Operating successfully for more than two decades, Jomac Ltd is a designer and manufacturer of high quality service and mechanical trucks. Jomac’s USP lies in their choice of raw material – their most popular products are their signature truck made from aluminium.

New Platform,, Now Accepting Auto Repair Shops

After a successful launch in select markets, Auto Repair Hub Inc. announces that is it now accepting auto repair shops nationwide to join the online marketing platform.

Derbyshire Motorcycle School Offers the Best Motorbike Lessons in Derbyshire

Motorcycles have always been very popular in the Continent, and a fair percentage of young people in European countries such as France, Italy and Germany have a motorcycle as their first means of transport when they are in their mid teens.

Toyota Fortuner Facelift Gets a New Heart, Reports

Toyota Fortuner is considered to be one of the bestselling vehicles of the company and the latest edition will be powered by a 2.5L D-4D engine.

Auto Parts Retailer Parts Geek Adds Product Reviews to Website

LogoWhen it comes to searching for products online, many consumers will read reviews prior to making their purchase. Whether it is a small or large purchase, looking at what people have written about the product may sway a buyer’s decision, which is why Parts Geek now has products reviews on their website. Automobile owners tend to value what other buyers have said about the product they are looking to buy. Since they are usually unbiased and have no company affiliation, it also helps them to make a decision.

Parts Geek Coupon Code Marketing Integrated Into Twitter

LogoIn an effort to boost sales and gain an online presence through the use of social media, Parts Geek is now integrating coupon code marketing into Twitter. With the new marketing campaign, new followers of Parts Geek on Twitter will receive exclusive coupons for products available on the website. Currently on the company’s Twitter profile, Parts Geek is offering a $15.00 coupon code on all orders over $300. The new online catalogue has been updated with thousands of more new replacement and performance auto parts. The company has also added free shipping on thousands of products available on the new catalogue. Those interested in receiving exclusive online coupon codes can follow Parts Geek at

SNA Auto Rental Offers Free Pick Up and Drop off Services

When it comes to renting a vehicle at an affordable price, SNA Auto Rental is a well-known name. They are a popular Orange County car rental service. On June 6, 2013, they added new cars to their rental fleet. Amongst the new cars were eight passenger SUV’s and a Ford Mustang convertible.

Toyota Motors to Introduce Midsized Sedan of Vios in the Indian Market, Reports

Toyota Motors has unveiled its plans to introduce the all new midsized sedan of Toyota Vios in the fast growing Indian automobile industry in the third quarter of 2013.