Automotive Press Releases

Motorcycles, Bicycles and Other Transport Equipment in China: Industrial Report - New Market Report

LogoEuromonitor International's Industrial reports provide a 360 degree view of an industry. The Industrial market report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the Motorcycles, Bicycles and Other Transport Equipment market at a national level. It provides the latest retail sales data, allowing you to identify the sectors driving growth. It identifies the leading companies, the leading brands and offers strategic analysis of key factors influencing the market - be they new product developments, packaging innovations, economic/lifestyle influences, distribution or pricing issues. Forecasts illustrate how the market is set to change.

Contemporary Corvette Is Now Offering New & Used Replacement Parts for Corvettes This December

Contemporary Corvette is an auto-salvage facility that specializes in Corvettes. They receive many Corvettes every year through wrecks and auctions. Some are only useful for their leftover Corvette parts, and others end up getting restored. This winter, they are offering a wide variety of new and used Corvette parts from 1984 and forward for Corvette owners and enthusiasts.

Parts Geek Now Featuring over 7,000 Nissan Pathfinder Auto Parts & Accessories on Their Website

LogoManufactured since the mid-1980s by the Nissan Motor Company, the Nissan Pathfinder has evolved to become a vehicle that is known for its comfortable ride and many amenities. With a fully-stocked inventory, Parts Geek has many auto parts and accessories for this mid-size SUV. In fact, the company is pleased to announce that they are now featuring over 7,000 Nissan Pathfinder products on their website. Announces Its New and Innovative Online Car Rental Service announces its new and innovative online car rental service, Cheap Car Hire, which helps customers find the most affordable deals all over the world. 8keyz Car Hire compares the prices of 800 car hire agents at 30,000 locations worldwide to find the best deals. This unique facility supports the 8keyz mission desire to be the ultimate online motoring portal and a one stop shop for renting, buying and selling cars.

As New Car Industry Faces Dangerously Low Productivity & Profits, Expert's New Book Exposes Revitalized Marketing Model to Turn Epidemic Around

The new car industry hasn’t been immune to financial troubles, bailouts and negative press during the past six years, but the problem isn’t confined to just manufacturing plants. Frontline dealer sales are dwindling and service profits are rapidly being lost to independent aftermarket retailers. It’s all proven by low service productivity and, while many are either blind to the problem or refuse to accept it, industry expert Bob Witham knows that something has to be done to fix it – now.

Just Published: "Global Automotive Logistics Market 2014-2018"

LogoAutomotive logistics is used by different manufacturing vendors for the movement of vehicles or parts of vehicles from manufacturing plants to different customers. Automotive manufacturers maintain strong partnerships with 3PL, which provides them with efficient cost-effective metrics as required. The Automotive industry uses logistics for the complete management of the way resources are acquired, stored, and moved to other locations. The use of logistics helps the Automotive industry to have a continuous supply of goods and services from different prominent suppliers and distributors in different regions.

"Car Rental in Italy" Is Now Available at Fast Market Research

LogoThe automotive sector is undergoing a period of recession in Italy, mainly because of a strong reduction in the purchase of new cars from private customers. In addition there is a trend of increasing car taxation, which is worsening the already difficult situation: for example higher petrol prices, tolls, car insurance, taxation on luxury cars and lower deductability of business cars. This in turn also has a consequence on car rental, as on the one hand it increases the management costs for car rental players, but on the other hand it means that some Italians are not willing to own a car, but prefer to rent a car only for the time needed, and also increases their preference for car sharing.

Market Report, "In-Car Entertainment in Morocco", Published

LogoThe performance of Moroccan automotive retailing is a key trend affecting sales of in-car entertainment. The number of Moroccans buying new cars is increasing, with most new cars meanwhile being fitted with in-dash media players and many with in-car navigation. Annual new car registrations increased significantly during the review period, thanks to the good performance of Dacia and Renault and the stronger availability of consumer credit. The Moroccan government also passed legislation in 2012 forbidding Moroccans to import cars that are over five-years-old, with imports of second-hand cars thus declining. The choice of car differs in rural and urban areas, with rural consumers more likely to opt for low-priced older cars.

Dallas Based Locksmith Offers $15 Service Call and Free Estimate

LogoLocksmith Dallas, a locksmith that services Dallas and surrounding areas, is now offering a $15 deal for service calls, which includes a free estimate.  Residents of the Dallas area who take advantage of this special offer can expect a professional and highly qualified locksmith to come to their place of business, residence, or vehicle to determine the cause of the problem and quote a price for the required work.

Locksmith Offers Low-Cost Automotive Lock Services in Boston Area

LogoLocksmith Boston, a locksmith that services a large selection of cities and suburbs in the greater Boston area, is currently offering a fast and low-cost solution to motorists who find themselves locked out of their vehicle.  Motorists who call Locksmith Boston for assistance can expect to pay just $15 for a quick visit from a qualified, professional locksmith at the location of their vehicle.  After the locksmith gives a free estimate on parts or labor that may be required, he or she will quickly enter the vehicle and get the motorist back on the road again.  Locksmith Boston's automotive locksmith services also include broken or stuck key extraction, broken or damaged lock repair, and emergency key creation.  Locksmith Boston also guarantees against any damage to the customer's vehicle.

Lseat Presents Its Vast Variety of Seat Covers for Sale Through Its Online Store

Car seat covers are bare essentials to protect the seats from getting worn off. Also what is considered is the cover thickness and softness as a tough seat coating can be painful to the back. It also should be contrasting to the car interior and add much needed sophistication. One cannot simply choose a dull or bland seat cover as it is as important like selecting the outer paint of the car.

Parts Geek Announces Expansion of Window Vent Visors to Feature over 5,700 Products

LogoAs products that are effective for preventing rain from falling on the driver when he or she opens a car door, window vent visors are also very helpful in limiting the glare from the sun. Also, no matter what a driver needs them for, window vent visors have the potential to give any vehicle some style. To help drivers get affordable window vent visors, Parts Geek is pleased to announce the expansion of their window vent visor inventory on their user-friendly website. In fact, they are now offering featuring over 5,700 high-quality and affordable window vent visor products.

CAI a Stockton Based Insurance Agency Discusses Students Car Insurance 101

LogoLabor Day is over, our pencils are sharpened, and lying poolside is just a memory: That’s right, it’s officially back-to-school season. Many student drivers, especially in college, may not know much about the process that is car insurance, because—let’s be honest—lots of students are lucky enough to have their parents take care of that nonsense. However, understanding car insurance is crucial for many reasons—plus, no one wants Mom and Dad to take care of them forever, right? So consider class in session.

Keep the Engine Protected and Lubricated with an Eco-Friendly Spokane Oil Change from Green Auto Lube

In the future, keep your vehicle’s engine protected and lubricated by getting an eco-friendly Spokane oil change at Green Auto Lube. The company will be a customer-oriented and provides superb preventive maintenance. They will be dedicated to providing dependable, immediate and honest services to their customers. With an intention to reduce the dependency on foreign oils, the bio-based American-made lubricant will be used by professionally trained and accurately certified technicians. The green oil change provided by the company is very useful for the components of the vehicle. It lubricates the internal parts and components of the engine making it cool and clean at the same time. This makes the vehicle highly functional and increases the lifespan of the engine.

New Market Research Report: Car Rental in Romania

LogoThe growth in car rental sales is facilitated by the rapid expansion of air travel routes, especially low cost airlines, as a chance to reach destinations faster and thus compete with the alternative of travelling by tourists own vehicles. Leisure car rental sales enjoyed a 5% rise in sales in 2013, in comparison with a 4% increase of the business car rental sales.

CAI a Stockton Based Insurance Agency Discusses How to Save Money on Car Insurance

Logo celebrated their 12 year anniversary on November 15th and still continues to help consumers to find the most reasonable rates for their cars in the areas where they live. The first 100 customers receive 85% discount on auto insurance.

24/7 Auto Locksmith Emerges as Sydney's First Auto Locksmith to Use Edgy Laser Key Reprogramming

Logo24/7 Auto Locksmith has come up as the first automotive locksmith in Sydney to offer innovative laser key cutting & reprogramming services. The company offers mobile services all across Sydney.

H.A. REED Now Offers Professional Car Locksmith in Brisbane During Times of Emergency

H.A. REED is now offering professional car locksmith in Brisbane during the times of emergency. The company holds specialized knowledge in the car locksmith as they offer prompt duplicate car keys and repairing of locks. Now customers don’t have to worry and panic in case they lose their car keys or their lock is suddenly not working or in case they have accidently locked their car keys inside their car. Under such scenarios, only professional locksmith helps to solve the problem. They can avail the help of H. A. REED and get their issues fixed within very short time. The professionals of H. A. REED is well-versed in the technical nitty and gritty of the modern cars have a complex locking mechanism.

CAI a Stockton Based Insurance Agency Discusses 5 Myths About Their Auto Insurance

LogoAuto insurance (or any type of insurance) can get confusing. There's a lot of advice out there for drivers young and old; the trick is deciphering the myths from the facts. Here are five common car insurance myths and what you can do to avoid the damage they could cause

CAI a Stockton Based Insurance Agency Discusses Auto Insurance a Huge - but Crucial - Investment

LogoAuto insurance is a costly but necessary venture. While the costs of insurance can be high, the potential costs of driving without insurance are not only illegal in Ontario but can be financially catastrophic.

CAI a Stockton Based Insurance Agency Discusses Does Automobile Insurance Follow the Car or the Driver

LogoThe answer to whether insurance follows the car or driver depends on many variables, most notably the kind of insurance coverage being referred to. There are coverages that follow the car and coverages that follow the driver. In general, auto insurance follows the car instead of the driver, but the specifics of a claim can differ since insurance laws and coverage vary depending on the policy, coverage and state being dealt with.

THE LOUDEST Lamborghini Diablo in the World Will Be Showcased at the 2014 LA Auto Show, at the New Car Superstore Booth

LogoLos Angeles car enthusiasts can take pictures and listen to the exhaust of this 1991 Lamborghini Diablo 5 speed manual transmission V12 engine, customized by Franco's European. This car has been showcased in Jay Leno's garage earlier this year.

1888 Pay Cash for Cars, Offers Excellent Hassle Free Services to Its Customers

LogoMost people want to sell off the old cars and trucks so that they can get some kind of an exchange value in return of it. However, companies that work in this field too often create a lot of ruckus when they are offering cash instead of cars. 1888 Pay Cash For Cars is a company that works differently. They do not believe in making life troublesome for their clients and are known to be one of the best company for those who want to be sure that they can get the right rates in exchange of their old cars.

Keyes Lexus Announces Arrival of Lexus RC, Plans for Upcoming December to Remember

Keyes Lexus, a top Los Angeles-area car dealer, announced the arrival of the 2015 model year Lexus RC, as well as details of the company's upcoming December to Remember sales event. One of the highest-performing vehicles ever to emerge from Lexus's assembly lines, the 2015 RC is a sporty, low-slung, rear-wheel-drive executive coupe with a burly 314-horsepower, 6-cylinder power-plant. Special sales prices and financing offers on a wide range of new and used Lexus vehicles will be available throughout the upcoming Keyes Lexus December to Remember special event.

Get Well Priced Free Quotes for Auto Insurance in Minneapolis from Kaups Insurance

Understanding the significance of getting the right quote, Kaups Insurance provides well priced free quotes for auto insurance in Minneapolis. The company provides insurance quotes to customers with clarity and ease. Knowing how daunting it can be when buying insurance, they give quotes to customers quickly and accurately. Questions are answered thoroughly and companies they may match you with gather more information, understand it, and bring it to the customer to satisfy their insurance needs. Kaups Insurance helps their customers by giving them personalized quotes that are tailored to meet their specific requirements.