Automotive Press Releases

Park N Jet SeaTac Adds Two Brand New Shuttles to Fleet

Air travel can be an absolute hassle. From finding parking that won't break the bank to trudging through security, to lugging your suitcase up into the overhead – the process of getting from one airport to the other takes patience, determination, and sometimes a little bit of luck. For passengers traveling in and out of SeaTac, Washington, a healthy alternative to the typical stresses of travel exists in the form of Park n Jet SeaTac. The airport parking professionals at Park n Jet offer customers continuous shuttle service to and from the airport. Most recently they beefed up their fleet with two brand new, state-of-the-art Ford Transit Shuttles. This dynamic duo are the first of their kind in SeaTac: they are environmentally friendly and consume fuel at a lower level than the industry norm for shuttles.

Global Road Technology Partners with Navman Wireless to Improve Driver Safety

International road construction and maintenance company Global Road Technology (GRT) has partnered with industry-leading satellite technology firm Navman Wireless, installing in-vehicle monitoring systems to improve driver safety, lift compliance and reduce vehicle costs.

Buffalo NY Jeep Dealer Shares Top Tips for Winterizing Jeep Vehicles

With the cold weather here to stay for a few months it’s time to give Jeep brand vehicles their winter checkup, especially if any off-roading on a snowy trail is in the forecast.

Colorado Auto Insurance Company Offers Progressive Snapshot Program to Save Money for Colorado Drivers

Colorado Springs Auto Insurance Company, A+ Insurance now offers the Progressive Snapshot Program; an innovative program which uses Usage Based Insurance (UBI) the method of assessing each client differently for the right insurance premium. The Progressive Snapshot Program evaluates vehicle owners according to their specific driving behaviors or driving mileage to give a more personalized insurance premium.  This makes it possible for drivers to benefit from good driving behaviors or lower mileage driven.  Colorado drivers can now acquire information about the Progressive Snapshot Program through the help of A+ Insurance with offices in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo, Colorado.  Local Denver Auto Insurance Company, A Plus Insurance was contacted about this new Progressive Insurance program.   Shawn Christie stated that he had actually used the device to have his driving rated... Christie stated, “Snap Shot Saved my family $445.00 last year. That was 30% savings on my auto insurance”.

Joyce and Reyes Auto Accident Attorney Remarks on Proposal to Raise Florida Speed Limits

A pair of state legislators wants to raise the maximum speed limit on some stretches of Florida interstate highways from 70 to 75 miles per hour.

Toyota Dealers in Ohio Premier Toyota Releases Industry Sales Data for 2013

Premier Toyota, which has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the top Toyota dealers in Ohio, has just released industry sales data that compares car sales in 2012 to 2013.

Low Profile Floor Jacks Reviews - Available at

Good quality low profile floor jack is hard to find since many that are present in the market are rather not that effective or simply inefficient. In order to find the best ones in the market, individuals are recommended to conduct a good amount of research before they actually buy one for good. There are many online platforms that offer a lot of information regarding floor jacks; however, is surely an amazing option since the website tends to offer a clear insight regarding floor jacks of different kinds. Adds over 400 New Auto Body Shop Listings from Across the United States, a reputable and only auto shop directory for the United States, has officially added over 400 new auto body shop listings, which all came from across the US. With this upgrade, vehicle owners or anyone who wants to search for auto body shop will find a breeze when considering one for their needed services.

Car Rental in Austria - New Market Report

LogoCar rental in Austria is not very dynamic, partly because it is a small country, which makes renting a car less relevant to travellers. Major tourist destinations can, in most cases, be reached on foot or by public transport. Another reason is that neighbouring countries such as Germany, Italy, Hungary and the Czech Republic account for a significant share of incoming tourism; many of these tourists use their own cars. Moreover, Austrians are very attached to their cars. The car ownership rate...

Automobile Website Works with Google After Being Attacked with Negative SEO Campaign

The internet can in many ways be viewed as a fluid piece of real estate, and while the place on the high street used to bring in the waves of customers, the place in Google search rankings now holds the most sway, and search rankings can be gained through search engine optimization techniques, but these same techniques can be weaponized against competitors to bring down those who dominate the search results. Such an attack has just taken place against, a website that is one of the most respected authorities in cheap car insurance, and the site is working with Google to overcome the effects of the attack.

South Illinois Car Dealer Mark Ward KIA, Chrysler & Dodge Center Will Now Also Provide Jeep Models

Mark Ward Car Dealership, a popular car dealer based in Carbondale that has been providing various new and used vehicles for over 13 years especially of KIA, Chrysler and Dodge brands, recently announced that it will now provide models of the maker Jeep as well. This provision has now made Mark Ward Car Dealership the only dealer of Jeep in southern Illinois.

Welsh Subaru Now Offering Large Selection of 2014 Subaru Foresters

LogoWelsh Subaru, one of the leading car dealerships in Chester County, is pleased to announce they have just received a large shipment of 2014 Subaru Foresters. The Subaru Forester was named Motor Trends 2014 Sport/Utility of the Year.

Now Offering Cheaper Florida Motorcycle Insurance Rates to Riders

LogoWith close to 600,000 registered motorcycles in Florida, the Sunshine State has specific requirements when it comes to Florida motorcycle insurance. The Viera, Florida based online insurance quote company, Discount Motorcycle Insurance, is available for thousands of motorcyclists to find the insurance coverage they need in Florida.

Laureate BVI Issues Buy Recommendation on Saudi's SABIC

According to CEO Peter Tasca, “We have revised petrochemical demand and price estimates higher for 2014, this is due to emerging economies such as China’s and India’s need for oil imports.”

Lucky Star Auto Transport Delivers Reliability with Fully Insured Car Carrier

Lucky Star Auto Transport has made history by making itself a prominent name in the car transport shipping industry after just 2 years of entering the business. Established in 2012, it is a family run business delivers full insurance for all car delivery. Giant car shipping Companies could not help but sit up and take notice of this young yet rising star.

Award Winning Auto Restoration & Philadelphia Auto Body Services

LogoMarquis Auto Restorations owned by Alan Lewenthal a.k.a “Mar Car Czar, offers a variety of different services. This company has years of experience and has been given many awards. Some of these include; "Best In Show" New England Concours D’Elegance – Saratoga Museum, Historic Car Club of Pennsylvania – Conshohocken, PA Show, HCCP ‘Best in Show’ – 1930 Cadillac V-16 All Weather Phaeton, and The Monmouth County Concours d’Elegance 'Best in Show' – 1930 Cadillac V-16 All Weather Phaeton.

Barratts Car Hire Expands to Include Classic '71 Mercedes Originally Owned by Donovan

While many brides visualise the horse and carriage for their wedding day, the more practical bride is increasingly utilising a Kent wedding car, instead. Making arrangements for transportation can be difficult without the use of pre-arranged hired cars. Barratts Car Hire spokesperson Steven Barratt explains. "Brides and grooms both have so many details on their mind on the big day, transportation to and from the church and reception site should not be one to worry about. Increasingly, we're seeing brides hiring cars, not only for their own transportation on the big day, but for the entire wedding party."

Most Reliable Car Brands of 2013 Can Be Found at Acklam Car Centre Ltd

Recently, the Consumer Report published a list of the most reliable car brands on the market today. The report listed cars that were the least likely to encounter issues or break down. Many famous car brands, such as Subaru, GMC, Honda, Volvo, Mazda, Audi, Toyota and Lexus, appeared on the report’s list. The report showed that it is Japanese car brands that tend to be the most reliable. Currently, consumers can find just as a wide a selection of quality used cars, from some of the most reliable car brands in the world, as they can new cars, and at a fraction of the price.

Used Cars Like Those from Acklam Car Centre Ltd Are in High Demand

The demand for used cars that are economical and in good condition is on the rise, according to reports. As many people are now more budget-conscious, due, in part to the recent recession, they are looking for better deals on their cars too. Nowadays, used cars are extremely cost-effective, and, if purchased from a reputable dealership, they are of great quality. Many used cars aren’t particularly old, and don’t have a high mileage count. This means that many of them are in prime condition.

Satrak Launches Video Demonstrating Their Plant Tracking System in Action

Plant security specialist Satrak has launched a short video online to demonstrate how its specialist plant tracking systems work and how effective they can be. The company provides plant tracking and security systems to help the construction industry avoid the theft of machinery and to recover plant machinery more easily in the event of theft.

Purchasing a Quality Used Car from a Dealership Like Acklam Car Centre Ltd Is Easier Than Ever

Buying a high-quality used car is even easier than ever according to reports. There’s been a recent increase in the amount of quality, low-mileage cars entering used car dealerships. This is due to more and more people trading in new cars after just a few years. This means that there’s a higher selection of high-quality, low-mileage cars on offer to consumers, at exceedingly low prices. As a result, purchasing a quality used car is easier than ever. However, some consumers are still wary of purchasing a used car, as they fear what kind of condition used cars are in, and how well used cars will last them.

Acklam Car Centre Ltd: Part of an Ever-Growing Industry

Due to the recent recession, people are budgeting more than ever. Many people are cutting costs and eliminating any unnecessary expenses in their budget. This has led to an increase in the sale of used cars. The used car industry has seen an exponential increase in sales this year, and its growth is expected to increase next year too. According to reports, many people are purchasing used cars, as they get a quality car, from an esteemed manufacturer, at a fraction of the price of a new car. The used car industry is seeing a huge growth, and many dealerships are catering to the demand for quality used cars.

More Bargains Than Ever Available from Used Car Dealerships Like Acklam Car Centre Ltd

According to reports, used car prices are lower than ever, meaning that now is the perfect time for consumers to purchase a used vehicle. According to, car prices are now at their lowest rate in four years. The low prices of used cars can be attributed to numerous factors. Arguably, however, the main reason why used car prices are so fair right now is because of the increased turnover of new cars.

SEEYO Stage Lighting Company Manufacturers of Moving Head Lights and LED Par Can Lights

Even though many people think of the brakes, tires and seats as the most crucial parts of any vehicle, there is one essential accessory which cannot be excluded, the head lights. Although, majority of vehicles have the standard stable head lights, but the inception of LED Moving head lighting has certainly provided car owners with a better alternative. SEEYO Stage Lighting Company Limited is a company based in China specializing in the manufacture and export of moving head lights, LED Par Can Light and more. The company has been operating in this field for quite a long period of time and have certainly proved their worth by providing top quality stage lighting and moving head lighting to clients all over the world.

Parts Geek, a Leading Auto Parts Retailer, Now Offering a Wide Variety of Ignition Coils

LogoParts Geek, a leading auto parts retailer, is pleased to announce that they are now offering a wide variety of ignition coils for customers to purchase this winter. When searching for high-quality ignition coils, customers can save money by selecting from brands such as: Standard Motor Products, Bosch, Beck Arnley, Karlyn, Accel, Delphi, Denso, Beru, MSD, Genuine, Bremi and World Source One. With over 22,000 ignition coil products to choose from, customers are bound to find the right fit for their specific vehicle model.

Parts Geek Now Has Wide Variety of Car Covers in Their Inventory

LogoWith the cold temperatures, snow and ice of the winter season, many cars are left exposed to debris, poor weather conditions, and various hazards that can wear the exterior of a finely kept vehicle. If a vehicle is parked outdoors—not inside a garage—a car cover will keep it shining and prevent it from experiencing the winter weather as well as the salt and slush from the road. Parts Geek, a leading auto parts retailer, is pleased to announce that they now have an extensive amount of high-quality car covers in their inventory.

Auto Mart - The Place to Look for the Best Deals on Used Cars in Las Vegas

Second hand car market in Las Vegas is growing by the second but, as lending becomes stricter people with bad credit don’t quite get the chance to seal a good deal on used cars Las Vegas. One company though which has and continues to provide people with bad credit a ray of hope is Auto Mart. This is hands down the most reliable dealership to find Las Vegas used cars.