Automotive Press Releases

Peruzzi Mitsubishi Honors Military with Special Pricing

Peruzzi Mitsubishi, the top Mitsubishi dealer in the Bucks County region, holds the United States military in high regard.

Ryan G. Motorworks Expands Service Area Into Citrus Heights

Ryan Gangemi, owner of Ryan G. Motorworks in Auburn, California, recently announced that his auto repair and maintenance company has expanded their service area to include Citrus Heights. Ryan and his team of skilled auto technicians maintain the reputation of providing quality, affordable auto repair and maintenance services throughout the region at the company's 9,000 square-foot Auburn facility. The company specializes in repairing German-made cars including Mini Coopers, Porsches, Audis, and Mercedes.

Cadillac of Mahwah Beats Other Cadillac Dealers in New Jersey by Winning Prestigious Award

Cadillac of Mahwah, recognized for providing the highest level of customer service out of all the Cadillac dealers in New Jersey, is proud to announce that they have been named a Mark of Excellence Master Dealer for the past five years. The Mark of Excellence Master Dealer award is one of Cadillac’s highest honors and is given to only the most respected dealerships that have demonstrated the highest standards for ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Newly Designed Magliner Aluminum Narrow Aisle Hand Truck Introduced

LogoMagline, manufacturers of innovative lightweight route distribution solutions, announced the introduction of the Aluminum Narrow Aisle Hand Truck (NAHT.) The overall height reaches up to 68 inches, holds a capacity of 500 pounds and the lightweight aluminum frame of 31 pounds makes the hand truck easier to maneuver. The durable aluminum construction is 23 percent lighter than steel equivalents.

Parts Geek Now Offering over 90,000 Brake Pad Products

LogoParts Geek, a leading online auto parts retailer, is eager to announce that they are now offering over 90,000 brake pad products on their user-friendly website. Winter 2014 has arrived, and this also means that snow has the potential to fall across much of the United States. This is also means that driving will become more hazardous than usual, so it is extremely important to make sure that a vehicle is in tip-top form.

Parts Geek, A Leading Auto Parts Retailer, Now Offering a Wide Variety of Spark Plugs from Leading National Brands

LogoParts Geek, a leading auto parts retailer, is pleased to announce that they are now offering a wide variety of spark plugs from top national brands. When car lovers are searching for replacement parts, they turn to Parts Geek for low prices and high-quality products. With Parts Geek, customers can choose from over 75,000 spark plug products from top brands such as NGK, Bosch, Denso, Motorcraft, AC Delco, Beru, Accel, Mopar, Genuine and Champion Spark Plugs.

Parts Geek Now Offering Wide Variety of Fog Lights This Winter

LogoWith the unpredictable winter weather, there are many days filled with fog, snow and rain. To ensure the safety of drivers on the road, Parts Geek, a leading auto parts retailer, is pleased to announce that they are now offering a wide variety of fog lights to their valued customers this winter. Fog lights enable drivers to see the road in front of them better, and they also provide for less of a glare for other drivers on the road—especially in bad weather conditions. It is important to keep a vehicle’s lighting system in working order for optimal safety during the winter.

E.E.A.E. Releases Opening of Exciting Monthly Exotic Car Show in Pittsburgh. Register Today or Learn More Now

LogoE.E.A.E.(Exclusive Exotic Auto Showcase Extravaganza) is announcing a monthly, high end exotic car show in Pitsburgh! The difference between a regular car show and theirs is that the high end,rare,and exotic automobiles in the car show are available to purchase. Read on and learn more details to be apart of the next great car show in Pittsburgh benefiting the food drive.

Corporate Whistleblower Center Encourages Insiders to Call Them About Rewards if They Can Prove Their Company Is Skirting Anti-Dumping Import Laws by Transshipping

LogoThe Corporate Whistleblower Center says, “Dumping” occurs when companies export products at prices lower than what they normally charge in their own country. Antidumping duties are in place to protect US businesses from this unfair practice. Companies often circumvent these duties by transshipping. Transshipping occurs when a company ships products from one country, such as China, to a different country for repackaging, to then claim that country is the country of origin to avoid the antidumping duties. There can be significant rewards for well documented proof of transshipping, as we would like to explain with one call to 866-714-6466." http://CorporateWhistleblowerCenter.Com

Sumarus Auto Repair Offers Car Service by Motorsports Experts

According to statistics released by Industry Canada, the country's residents buy more than 825,000 vehicles annually. At the same time, the Conference Board of Canada reported the automotive repair and service sector provides service to the owners of about 17 million vehicles in Canada. Responding to the growing market indicated by these figures, Sumarus Auto Repair is offering specialized auto services, provided by car enthusiasts, and designed to turn vehicles into extraordinary machines.

Henley's Paint and Body Launches Campaign to Combat Auto Damage with Unique Services

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, approximately 1 automobile accident occurs in the state every 82 seconds; additionally, countless vehicles are subjected to hail, parking lot damage and other mishaps each day. In order to help combat these numbers with affordable expert vehicle repair, Mike Henley, owner of Henley's Paint and Body, has launched a campaign to increase awareness of the company's unique auto body repair options for residents of Bryan, College Station and the surrounding areas.

Champion Blue Flame Diesel Motor Oil Now Available at Industrial Injection

LogoIndustrial Injection designs, manufactures and delivers top of the line performance diesel products and is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. They specialize in Diesel Turbos, Diesel fuel injection pumps, Diesel fuel injectors, and diesel engines. They are a family operated business, founded in 1985.

Astonishing Car Scanners Are No More the Part of the Science Fiction Only

The gradually increasing number of crimes in the civilian area has made it a very difficult question for a common man to buy a luxury car for the personal use, until there are proper security factors that are working in the background protecting the car from the day to day risks of the theft and cyber crimes. However, the launch x431 car scanner has emerged as the major breakthrough in the field of the automotive protection and secures the car from the unwanted risks including the cyber crimes as well. The market survey reports describe that it has been properly prepared using the latest technology from the background of a personal computer. This astonishing product has got all the features that make it a fully equipped guard of your personal cars. However it is available in limited parts of the world including the US. Experts suggest that it is still in the developing phase. This means that the next car scanner will be equipped with advanced technology to detect the car from the ultra wide range.

Get Affordable Car Rental Deals at Car Rentals Network

Renting a car while one visits any country is always beneficial. By renting the vehicle of their choice people can expect to travel comfortably and remain safe in the unfamiliar territory. One of the companies providing effective solutions for renting cars is Car rentals network. Before hiring the car one should be aware of the driving laws in country and ask all the information required for driving around in the region. Searching for car rentals online has become common and most of the people book vehicles online to have a safe and comfortable trip. Searching online and having a look at relevant information makes it easier to deal with all types of situation and know about the car that will be best suitable for travelling around. There are various car rental deals available on .

Car Kick Mats - A New Car Seats Protector Launched

Neil, the Freddie and Sebbie spokesperson who made the announcement, notes these new auto-protective seat covers, created for the covering of most vehicle seats, presents a smart way to protect one’s motor vehicle investment.

Deluxe Kick Mats Car Seat Protector Ensures Long-Lasting Cleaner Car Seats!

Freddie and Sebbie, a major provider of the highest standards of kids related products in quality, safety, value for money and dependability, is excited about their newly introduced Kick Mats - a deluxe, two-pack car seat back protector. You can examine this all new Kick Mats on

Corvette Nation to Film at Corvette/Chevy Expo Houston, Texas

LogoCorvette/Chevy Expo will welcome the hosts of the new TV series titled Corvette Nation at their event in Houston, Texas. The Corvette Chevy Expo, celebrating its 36th annual event, will be held February 15-16, 2014, at the Reliant Center, 8400 Kirby Dr, Houston, TX 77054.

J&B Detailing Provides Long Lasting Detailing That Last Longer Than Company Guarantee

People are not sure about whether getting a car detailed is worthy or not. When the car needs a visit to the nearest garage after getting dirty from the daily wear and tear of travelling, there is always the question of how much the car owner is willing to get the car repaired. Some people are only concerned about addressing the immediate problem thereby asking only for a quick wash.

J&B Detailing Offers Free Car Detailing for Minor Damages

In spite of the fact that car detailing is an industry that has been around for so many years, people are still not sure about the services that it offers. While some do not bother to get the car detailed, others only ask for the same kind of detailing service without bothering to enquire about other packages that it offers.

J&B Detailing Employs Only Top Technicians for Car Detailing

Professional technicians at any car detailing service company shop will make sure that it has all the equipments needed to fix any sort of problem no matter how rare it is. The detergents and the vacuums that are needed to wash and clean the car is only of the best quality. It should be mild enough for the delicate paint of the car while strong enough to protect the car and make the paints last longer than the car’s company guarantees.

J&B Detailing Custom Details Every Car According to Its Needs

Ever since car detailing service was first introduced into the market, it won over the loyalty of tens and thousands of car owners across the nation. The simple secret to this service is just as the name suggests – details. This is an industry that is based on dedication and full commitment to the work that it offers to customers. Hence, it is safe to state that it is aptly named.

J&B Detailing Advises Car Owners to Leave the Heavy Lifting to the Professionals

After much attempted failures at home, car owners have established that it is simply impossible to imitate car detailing at home. Sure, one can always buy the same top quality products like the detergents, the polish and the like to wash the car and stuff. However, professional car detailing is much more than that. No layman can reproduce the level of quality and professionalism offered by car detailing companies.

J&B Detailing Unveils the Secret to Its Unparalleled Success

Car detailing is not just about using the best quality detergents, vacuums and car polishes. Every bid of work is done with great professionalism and detail. This makes the service stand out from the rest of the other forms of services in the automobile industry. There are added extras that these professionals add to the service to give that additional boost that car owners cannot get anywhere.

J&B Detailing Helps Customers Avoid Delayed Car Detailing During the Holidays

Car detailing services today have come a long way ever since the industry started many years ago. Today, people no longer have to drive to the centre to get their cars detailed. Customers can conveniently call the company’s technicians and get the car fixed at any location that the customer concerned prefer. Be it at the work place or at home, most car detailing companies are willing to take the trouble.

J&B Detailing Offers Quality Detailing Service That Lasts Longer Than Usual

It is wise to not to wait until the car gets too old before taking it to the town’s car detailing centre. The old saying ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ applies in automobile maintenance too. If anything, car owners should listen to this advice because delayed car detailing incurs a lot of expense. The perfect time to get the car detailed is when it is still new and it only needs minor servicing.

J&B Detailing Offers Cost-Effective Home Delivery Car Detailing

Car owners should carefully monitor detailing sessions. It is not right to blindly believe the people who handle the job. By keeping a close eye on the progress of the work, car owners can get the workers to repair the car in the way that they prefer it. Normally, it will take just about 30 minutes to 1 hour for the car to be detailed, depending on the job. Unless the car is in such a bad condition, it will hardly take hours to finish the job.

1800Locksmith Offers Assistance Around the Clock for Vehicle Lockouts and More

Statistics concerning the number of times a person locks themselves out of their car tend to be hard to find as many people don't admit they have made this mistake. The best figure currently available comes from OnStar, which, within a three month period, had 43,803 calls from vehicle owners in need of having their car unlocked. "This figure omits those who called a regular locksmith for assistance and, since many vehicle owners don't have access to OnStar, this number is likely much higher," Jacob of 1800Locksmith declares.