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Avaeksperdid OÜ Launches New Website for Finnish Market

Roller shutter and blinds specialist, Avaeksperdid OÜ, has launched a new website for the Finnish market

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Tallinn, Estonia -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2014 -- A new website for the Finnish market has been launched by Avaeksperdid OÜ, a specialist in roller shutters and blinds. The new site contains a wide range of information relating to the products and service available from the company as well as providing access to some special offers and deals.

Those who are interested in getting blinds and shutters can head to the website at http://www.avaeksperdid.fi/rullakaihtimet  in order to get more information about the product available as well as to find out more about the function and use of the various products. The website provides access to details of the products that the company offers as well as the services available such as design, measurement, and installation services.

The website also offers access to a color photo gallery to provide website visitors with increased inspiration and ideas when it comes to their own designs. Videos and customer feedback can also be accessed via the site, enabling potential customers to benefit from increased peace of mind before making a purchase and also providing them with the ability to make a more informed decision with regards to the products they choose.

An official from Avaeksperdid OÜ said: "We offer a host of products and services to those who are looking for roller shutters and blinds. Our new website for the Finnish community will enable visitors to access details of what we offer along with photo galleries, customer feedback, and even industry news. On top of this, customers can access some special offers via our new website, enabling them to benefit from value for money on the cost of their shutters and blinds."

Consumers who want to find out more about pricing can contact the company via the website to request a quote based on their needs and preferences.

To find out more, please visit http://www.avaeksperdid.fi/rullakaihtimet

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Avaeksperdid OÜ specializes in roller shutters and blinds, offering a range of products and services.

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