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Axxis Solutions Appoints Ignacio Riveira as VP of Sales & Marketing

Miami-based cloud computing firm, Axxis Solutions, appoints new VP of Sales and Marketing, Ignacio Riveira, bringing innovation and expertise to the local market.

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London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2012 -- Axxis Solutions is a Miami-based management and technology consulting services firm with expertise in cloud computing, who focuses on the local banking, insurance, wealth management, and the travel industry. Axxis Solutions has presently appointed Ignacio Riveira, as VP of Sales and Marketing. Before joining the Axxis Solutions Mr. Riveira held management positions in Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Frito-Lay and The Gems Group and he brings more than 15 years of experience in sales and marketing strategy.

Axxis Solutions currently has headquarters in Miami, FL and believes the market can strongly benefit from the personalized service of a company that understands the needs within these industries and can address the concerns of cloud computing. Bringing Ignacio on board is part of the ongoing commitment to excellence in an industry striving in technology. "Ignacio brings a wealth of expertise in the areas of marketing and sales strategy that will be instrumental to the growth of our organization and the value that our services provide to our customers”, said Andres Campo, Founder & Managing Director of Axxis Solutions.

Axxis Solutions has been helping its clients address the current changes in technology, which require small, medium-sized, and large companies to adapt and find solutions to managing their information in innovative ways that are compatible with customer needs and expectations. “Cloud computing continues to be a mystery for many local businesses, but once they experience the benefits the technology can add to their operations, there is no question of the advantage and advancement it can bring to any organization” says Ignacio Riveira, who is now handling the sales and marketing division of Axxis.

Ignacio Riveira adds “this new endeavor is an extremely gratifying challenge where my experience in sales strategy, process improvement and automation can truly be applied in an unconventional way and change the understanding of how many are still doing business. Change in technology is not something to be skeptical of, it is a reality, and those who don’t realize it will be left with obsolete ways. I believe those already migrating their information to the cloud are a step ahead of the curve and will shortly see themselves ahead of those who are not.

Axxis Solutions has been changing the local industry and giving support to many companies such as Sabadell United Bank, Bupa Insurance, Simply Healthcare and many others in crossing over to cloud computing. These companies are pioneers in changing the way banking, insurance, and wealth management do business.

About Axxis Solutions
Axxis Solutions is a management and technology consulting services firm. The firm specializes in helping companies address the challenges of managing business information, improving processes and integrating systems and databases. Axxis Solutions delivers deep industry expertise along with industry-leading cloud, mobile and social applications to help its clients achieve maximum business performance. With its headquarters in Miami, FL, Axxis Solutions serves high-growth, mid-market and enterprise companies in North America, Latin America and the Caribbean. Axxis Solutions has more than 100 mid-sized and enterprise clients in B2B and B2C industries such as financial services, insurance, manufacturing, healthcare, retail and non- for-profit. Their services include: Business Consulting Services, Cloud Computing Services, Salesforce.com Consulting, Data & System Integration, and Document Management.

For more on information visit http://www.axxis.us or contact +1.888.548.8600