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Backstage Vibe Interview with Resistance 13


Madison, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2014 -- Backstage Vibe Radio Show from recently spoke in depth with the band members from Resistance 13, a Metal band out of the Ohio/West Virginia area. Resistance 13, whose members are Jeremy Wright (Vocals), Bryan Schneider (Guitar), Ryan Husek (Guitar), Bryan Meeks (Bass), Louie Balk (Drums), seeks to inspire and motivate its audience through thoughtful lyrics and careful messaging. Backstage Vibe Radio Show DJs Mel and Ray spoke with the band about their take on their music and how even a metal band can make it a point to connect and uplift its fans through what is typically considered a heavier and darker genre of music. Visit to listen to the conversation with the band.

Resistance 13 aspires to make music that reflects emotion, finds closure, changes perspective, motivates and inspires. “The message is universal” says front man and lead vocalist Jeremy Wright. It’s a message filled with hope, perseverance, determination, resilience, empathy, unity, and unconditional love for another. It’s a battle cry against social injustice, an anthem for the underdog and a voice of empathy for the not-so-fortunate. But don’t let the message mislead you. This high energy rock and metal act can pack a punch. Like a modern day militia, Resistance 13 hits you with a musical barrage of driven bass lines, technical guitars, an aggressively unique vocal style, and an infectious beat sure to make you want to pound your head, stomp your feet and move. Find out more about Resistance 13 at and

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