Bad Credit Loans Not Payday Loans- Lenders Introduce a Fast Cash Offer Carrying $3,500 has a new solution to urgent financial hardships and consumers will be accessing this through bad credit loans not payday loans. The maximum amount of cash that one can get is $3,500.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2014 -- The number of persons seeking financing through is increasing with each passing day and this is forcing the company to come up with more innovative products. This recent one is providing consumers with an easy way of laying hands on quick cash and they will now be sure of sorting out unexpected situations in time. All applications will be handled through the web.

There are various reasons why the funds will be open to a lot of consumers starting with the decision by the involved lenders to approve applications without discriminating against credit standings. Applicants will also be eligible for the bad credit loans not payday loans without providing security. Generally, the loan providers will be easily approving applications made by persons with regular paychecks.

The site’s spokesperson talked about the amount of time it will be taking lenders to disburse the cash by saying that, “This is an offer that is meant to assist consumers in tackling their urgent financial troubles in time and the highly committed lenders will be processing most applications within six hours.They will then be making direct deposits to successful applicants to ensure that the cash is accessible instantly.”

The same statement also explained that, “There are different options that consumers will be receiving on sending in their applications and we will be giving them a chance of making their own choices on the particular offer to go with. We will be providing them with a very convenient way of comparing the various interest rates, payment schedules, terms, fees and any extra charges on bad credit loans not payday loans.” has been making considerable investments to enhance its site’s security and people will be having it very safe when applying for the fast cash. It is common with the company to pre-screen lenders when updating its database and applicants should be sure of getting genuine offers. All data collected during application will be kept confidential and there will be no cases of unauthorized access.

This is a loans site that consumers have been relying on since 2011 and there are dozens of lenders working with it today. There are many programs that are currently on offer and applications for them are being approved without checking the credit reports of applicants. The company has therefore become home to many applicants with low credit scores." rel="nofollow" href="">To learn more on bad credit loans not payday loans and other offers, visit>