Best 10 Microwave Ovens for Boxing Day and Christmas - Holiday Sales and Deals has announced its top 10 Microwave Ovens for Boxing Day and Christmas.

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Brawley, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2013 -- It is soon Boxing Day and a list of things is already lined up for purchase. One of these is kitchen appliances and probably on top will be Microwave Ovens. In response to this need, has presented the top 10 Microwave Ovens for Boxing Day and Christmas.

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A microwave oven is a device that was accidentally invented by a scientist through a radio wave experiment. Cooking is done by using the heat capability of radio waves.

The day after Christmas, when everyone will be busy preparing carts for shopping, is Boxing Day. One of the things on the roll is the stainless steel NN-SN661S Microwave Genius 1200 Watt by Panasonic. Its features include the one-touch cooking sensor and inverter technology. It has measurements of 11 7/8” in Height, 20 3/8” in Width 15 15/16” in Diameter, and weighs 25.3 lbs.

Another one that utilizes inverter technology during cooking is the Genius Microwave 1200 Watt in Black by Panasonic. This appliance’s proportions are 12 ¼” in Height, 20 11/16" (W), 15 13/16" (D) and is 25.3 lbs heavy.

Another stainless steel microwave oven but comes in different specifications is the 950-Watt Panasonic NN-SD372S. It comes with an inverter technology like the rest along with a 13 ½” turntable and weighs 21 lbs. This model is 0.8 cubic feet, 19 3/16” in Length, 14 13/16” Wide, and 11” in Height.

Still from Panasonic, the Prestige NN-SD681S Microwave 1200 Watt is one with elegant blue readout along with an inverter technology. It weighs 25.3 lbs, 11 7/8” in Height, 20 3/8” Wide, and 15/16” in Diameter.

These Panasonic Microwave Oven models are durable and assured of high quality. These can be bought online and from physical stores at shoppers’ preference. It is best to acquire one or more during Boxing Day.

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