Best 10 Running Shoes for Boxing Day and Christmas - Sales and Deals for Running Shoes has listed its top 10 running shoes for men.

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Brawley, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2013 -- People are becoming more conscious about health because of the celebrities that keep updating their social media accounts with their fitness routines. This causes people to engage in physical exercise to get healthy and one of the most popular and cheap way to do it is running. A good running experience is possible with a pair of comfortable runners and this coming Boxing Day and Christmas, has listed its top 10 running shoes for men.

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For flexibility and affordability at the same time, the GT-1000 ASICS will satisfy any runner with its stability and sturdy hold on feet. It is smooth and soft to wear inside. These shoes contain a firm post under the heel and arch. It also has a slimmer plastic shank for mid-foot stiffness.

The Speedcross 13 Salomen runners are equipped for off-road adventures with its lightweight composition and rough terrain hugging sole. The Mud & Snow non marking Contragrip will provide you with safety even in the winter months. These are light and fast racing shoes that provide traction and reinforced stitching for durability.

Up next is the Men’s Gel Nimbus 14 by ASICS that will cushion the soles with its built in gel for a long lasting run on any surface. Its breathable mesh will keep the feet cool and dry all throughout the exercise.

Another good pair of runners is the Mizuno Prophecy Wave 2 for a light, stable and long run. Good for activities aside from running such as sprinting because of its shock resistance.

Lastly, the Gel-Katano ASICS goes out to those requiring all-purpose shoes for walks, runs and almost any activity. It is also good due to its hypoallergenic composition that will not irritate the skin of the feet.

Here are some of the items in the list:
1. GT-1000 ASICS
2. Speedcross 13 Salomen
3. Men’s Gel Nimbus 14 by ASICS
4. Mizuno Prophecy Wave 2
5. Gel-Katano ASICS

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