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Giving the world a whole new concept and changing the views of the society on smoking, e-cigs are the light in the smoking arena. For catching with the hype generated by the e-cigs, people are now surfing the reliable and well-reputed e-cig review website

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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2014 -- For the electronic cigarettes the year 2014 has proved to be a successful and remarkable year. With the revenues crossing $1 billion, the sales of this devices has boomed in the current year and electronic cigarettes ruled the global market of smoking products and substitutes in 2014.Several brands of the e-cigs not only saw the light but also achieved popularity. makes the viewer’s aware of the best disposable electronic cigarette brand of 2014. Surfaced as a winner, the best disposable brand is counted as the ultimate among the various brands.

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Along with the regular e-cigs, smoking enthusiasts have now taken to vaping with the disposable electronic cigarettes. For the traveling smokers disposable e-cigs are just the right companion as they take away the requirement of carrying a starter kit. With pre-charged battery and pre-filled cartridges, the disposable e-cigs comes completely assembled and are easier to carry along by slipping them in a purse or pocket.

Tobacco smoking has a really a long history that is tracked to 5000 B.C. while the earlier times were unaware about the harmful effects of smoking, the present is the witness to the increasing havoc due to it. But the future is the electronic cigarette which is changing the definition of smoking.

Electronic cigarettes also known as Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS) is counted more as an electronic inhaler, a technology that is all set to replace the tobacco cigarettes in the coming times. The immense benefit of this device has gained an upper hand on the regular cigarettes because of which smokers are now switching to the electronic cigarettes in large numbers.The plus point of the e-cigs is the fact that the vapor produced by the device provides the same feel of genuine smoking minus any of the unpleasant smoke and disagreeable smell.

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