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One of the best electronic cigarettes of the market White Cloud provides some of the exotic and best e cig flavors to customers.

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2013 -- Flavored cartridges are among the key things that attract smokers toward the e cig. White Cloud a trusted brand in the market of electronic cigarette offers a wide variety of flavors to the customers. It is ranked among the top ten brands of best e cigarettes that provide exotic and unique taste to the customer’s taste buds. The brand has widely classified its flavors into four categories comprising of Tobacco, Menthol, Fruits and Exotic.

According to customers and electronic cigarette reviews White Cloud is rated among the best e cig brands of the market. It provides different variation in terms of flavors, starter kits and other accessories. Each flavored cartridge that is manufactured by the brands is available to their customers in distinct nicotine strength. The variation in nicotine strength helps the customers to opt for the strength that they are comfortable with and then gradually move to no nicotine.

White Cloud offers highest nicotine strength of 5.4% which is the highest that is offered by and electronic cigarette brands to the customers. And this strength is available in all the flavors that are provided by this best e cigarette brand. In the tobacco section it provides the option of regular, apache, Bora-Bora and Atlantic cut. The menthol section comprises of menthol, Snap, Iced berry and Zero K.

In total the brand provides around 19 distinct flavors to the customers. Out of these only few are common flavors and rest all are unique and exotic flavors that are only available with White Cloud electronic cigarettes. Experts from the leading vapor cigarettes reviews website praise all the flavors that are availed by the brand and suggest customers to try it out.

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