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More people choosing to go for e cigarette brands like V2 Cigs in light of issues about their effects.

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2013 -- Companies like V2 Cigs that are involved in the manufacturing of the best e cigarette products have been questioned by the American Lung Association which is very worried about the potential safety and health results of using the smoking devices. Whilst such companies do not state that the electronic cigarettes are capable of assisting smokers get of the tobacco bandwagon, yet there is a growing amount of claims from smokers of these devices that say they are now having a better and healthier life than they had when smoking regular cigarettes. And to date there is no federal government oversight of the e cig, yet in the 9 years that they have been on the market, they have had no fatalities and no casualties

Regardless of this the American Lung Association has called upon the Obama Administration to take active measures to propose regulation on the activities of the e cigarette manufacturers such as V2 Cigs in the name of public health. A recent study has estimated there are around 250 manufacturers that all claim to make the best e cigarette in the U.S. today. Also in initial lab tests by the FDA in 2009, there were detectable levels of chemicals were found in the e cigarettes including an ingredient used in anti-freeze. Yet what is not commonly known is that such an ingredient has been cleared by both the FDA and the CDC and has been in use in the making of asthma inhalers for a long time.

Whilst the FDA is yet to approved e cigarettes as being an effective method to help smokers, what is known is that the manufacturers like V2 Cigs are determined to make their products come out as an alternative smoking solution. There are going to be concerns about the electronic cigarette products but the major factors that they have become the reason why the smoking alternative is growing in popularity.

In a recent V2 Cigs review it was shown that tobacco cigarette smoking is among the top preventable cause of death in the United States, responsible for a causality rate of 443,000 annually yet brands like V2 Cigs has been responsible for a product that has no drawbacks to date. Without doubt the best e cigarette products are changing minds and making smoking more comfortable.

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