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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/17/2014 -- Which is the best E Cigarette Liquid 2014? This question often disturbs the mind of smoker as diverse options are offered to all. It is simply due to the inner desire of the smokers who would try and test the best flavors offered by top rated electronic cigarette brands on global level. On the other hand, the answer to this query is not at all simple one as the majority e cig brands produce e-liquids that are at similar with each other. Hence, selecting down the best one is really a hard nut to crack for the experts. Electronic Cigarettes Comparison is working through the support of experts who are answering the question of smokers as well as updating about best E Cigarette Liquid 2014.

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Most smoking enthusiasts prefer to make shopping from the top notch brands which include south beach smoke, v2 cigs, eversmoke and green smoke for selecting e cig liquids, as the faith factor amongst these brands is the maximum. The expert at Electronic Cigarettes Comparison compares different brands from time to time and to choose out best one.

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According to the senior research analysts at Electronic Cigarettes Comparison, “Most flavors that are in claim from the side of smokers include cherry, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, tobacco, menthol and many others that are not so accepted, yet eagerly available. It has been suggested by experts that it is top to choose for the top rated electric cigarette brands in order to taste out best flavors in the present year. V2 cigs offers something different to taste out, there are menthol and mint. V2 Menthol is to keep the smoker cool and crispy while V2 Peppermint is delectably sweet; V2 Mint Tea is similar to sipping the stimulating cup of green tea tied with mint. V2 vanilla, V2 Coffee, V2 Cherry, V2 Congress, V2 red and V2 Sahara are also in high demand among the smoking enthusiasts looking for something different from tobacco cigs”.

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