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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2013 -- Best e liquid flavors are those that are able to attract the taste buds of even the most stubborn smoking enthusiasts belonging to different parts of the globe. It has been noticed lately that smoking enthusiasts from all across the globe have started to consider puffing e cigarettes on a regular basis and quitting tobacco cigarettes in the act, simply owing to the fact that the former is the most suitable medium of meeting the nicotine urge of smokers without causing any adverse side effect in the act. Hence, in the year 2013, more and more smokers have started to opt for smokeless cigarettes.

It has been noticed that the best electronic cigarette flavors are those that permit smoking enthusiasts to relish the taste of fruits or other delicacies that they are used to, while permitting them to continue smoking cigarettes. Most e cigarette brands in the year 2013 are providing smoking enthusiasts with a wide variety of flavors that include chocolate, tobacco, vanilla and strawberry, apart from several other, lesser known flavors such as pinad cola etc. The main reason behind adding flavors into e cigarette cartridges is to raise the appeal of smoking e cigs.

When tech-cigarette review team interviewed Pina Mandez, a regular e cigarette user, he said, “The main reason why I switched to e cigarettes was because I found these to be way safer than regular cigarettes. The flavors here also allowed me to enjoy smoking these smoke free devices.”

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