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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2014 -- E liquid is present in the e cigarette cartomizers. As soon as the battery is triggered the heating element heats up and thus e liquid is heated up, the liquid solution on being heat up, changes into vapors and is inhaled by the user. The e liquid or e juice as it is more commonly known is a combination of some key ingredients. The basic ingredient and the most essential one is nicotine, there is also a flavoring substance and there is vegetable glycol and propylene glycol to form a real vapor which mimics smoke as there in case of a tobacco cigarette.

Most of the electronic cigarette brands in the market today offer e liquid with variable nicotine strength most of the brands have e cigarette liquid in which the nicotine strength is 6 mg /ml, 12 mg/ml, 18MG/ML and 24 mg/ml, however this is just a rough estimate, the strength may vary from brand to brand.

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The nicotine strength in the e cig liquid is chosen by taking into consideration both the smoking tendency and the smoking frequency of a smoker who is switching to electronic cigarette. Customers also go for no nicotine e liquid at times to wean off the nicotine completely, say experts at

The flavor is another important factor and all top rated e cigarette brand offer a variety of e liquid flavors. The best e liquid is certainly a key essential which contributes to the operation of an electronic cigarette and using high quality e liquid is a guarantee that the vaper can get a high smoke volume, rich, flavorful and thick vapor until the every last puff. Smoke tips, white cloud, green smoke are brands which offer a very good range in e cig liquid flavors. Blu cigs on the other hand though doesn’t offer a lot of options but the quality of e liquid offered by Blu cigs is supreme.

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