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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2014 -- The health issues associated with tobacco cigarette are well known by all. Smoking traditional tobacco cigs can be responsible for different health problems including respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. It is also responsible for various infections and cancer in lungs, mouth etc. The product is can create infertility in women as well as weakness in men. The negative impact of smoking tobacco is known by everyone. Apart from different health problems caused regular smoking tobacco, other troubles are ash, tar and even high price. Not only it is dangerous for the smokers, but passive smokers are equally in danger from the second hand smoke.

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According to the experts of, “Electronic cigarettes are the best and most effective smoking choosing instead of traditional tobacco cigs. However, it is important to know that if a smoker thinks that smokeless cigs are completely devoid of any health problems, it would be wrong as it lead to the ingestion of nicotine. Research says that nicotine is an addictive ingredient and but less harmful as compared to tobacco. Now, many brands allow the smokers to make choice of different nicotine levels from higher to 0% nicotine. The electronic cigarette generates less dangerous vapor smoke with the assistance of e-liquid which has water, e-juice and nicotine in different levels.”

Even the process of producing the smoke in tobacco cigs and vapor in electronic cigs is also different, as, during effective smoking of conventional cigarettes, ignition of nicotine or tobacco. An electronic cigarette works through an atomizer that ignites the e-juice and makes it vapor. Some other issues associated with smoking traditional cigarette are the stench left behind the fingers and clothes that create mess for smokers. Vapor Cigarette Deals help everyone in getting good information related to effective smoking alternative.

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