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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2014 -- EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette is considered to be among the premium brands of electric cigarette. this 2014 Valentine’s Day they are having is a limited period offer that is being extended by EverSmoke, which will allow customers to buy electronic cigarette starter kits at 25% discount. EverSmoke does have a number of e cig starter kits to choose from that will cater for all the vaping needs like other top rated e cigarette brands.

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The EverSmoke electronic cigarette basic starter kit which is claimed by many to be a great kit for those that are making an introduction to vaping cigarettes. The kit has been said to offer convenience to vapers and that it also includes everything that a customer needs to begin vaping with e cigarette use. The kit is ususally priced at $79.99 but for a limited time period after the 25% discount it will be available at $49.99. Also another popular kit from EverSmoke e cigarette is the pro kit which many consider to be a good option for those that are more experienced into vaping.

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The EverSmoke pro kit is one of the most popular and the most affordable vaping top level Starter Kit that is on the market. And in addition to the basics that smokers look for in Vaping, not only offers a selection and personalisation option in the batteries like the basic kit but the customer also gets a power cig as well as a car charging adaptor. The kit is usually priced at $99.99 but for now will be available for $79.99 for a limited time period only.

There are also similar discounts that are on offer across the other E Cigarette Starter Kit range by EverSmoke such as the ultimate e cigarette starter kit as well as the couple’s kit which many are considering to be a hit this Valentines. There is also a discount on the recently added reusable e cigarette starter kit. EverSmoke is also offering discounts on purchase of multiple disposable e cigarette packs. For Valentine’s Day the EverSmoke brand has ensured that more customers can switch to e cigarette with the low priced e cigarette starter kit and hence switch to a better habit.

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