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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2013 -- For weeks, some of the best electronic cigarette advocates around New York have all been mobilizing to convince the NY City Council not to prohibit the use of the smoking device in indoors and in all public places. Yet today that very same Council will vote to decide on the future of what could be massive industry which according to CITI Bank will be worth at the best conservative estimate be a $3 billion electronic cigarette industry by 2015. While it has been an open secret that Mayor Bloomberg, the Big Apple has undertaken a major public health initiative drive that has resulted in the banning of traditional cigarettes have already been banned in public parks and areas, but the FDA has yet to rule on whether or not e cig are equally harmful as they have yet to be regulated.

In fact on December 4th over 200 protestors marched to City Hall to attend what was called the best electronic cigarette hearing ever in New York. Advocates from both sides of the vaping community presented to Council members their arguments, all the while, the more than 200 protestors, sat in the room and puffed on the best electronic cigarettes they could get. Yet, from the look of things so far, the evidence suggests that the majority of electronic cigarette users are people who are trying to cease their tobacco habit and recent studies show that the number of people who have done the opposite - gone from the smoking devices to cigarettes - is minuscule in light of the claims by New York City's health commissioner pointed out at the hearing earlier this month that the number of high school students that have tired vaping doubled from 2011 to 2012.

Yet this has been in what the best electronic cigarette manufacturers are also advocating for; to try and limit the exposure of minors to their smoking devices. In fact this has meant that the electric cigarette has been putting measure such as the accepting of only credit and other means of payment issues that are only available to adults.

Without doubt whatever the best electronic cigarette ruling that is made by the NY City Council will not be having a huge impact on the lives of the smokers that depend on them. With an anticipated growth of at least 240% this year alone, it is no surprise that e cigarette reviews many are saying that by 2022 there will be more people that will be vaping the best e cigarettes that they can get then they will be smoking the regular cigarettes.

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