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The recent hearing of the best electronic cigarette industry products in New York was a deeply emotional event.

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2013 -- The search for the best electronic cigarette has hit a hurdle in the Big Apple as there have been cries by the New York City health commissioner, Dr. Thomas A. Farley who says that they should be banned because they look like real cigarettes. Yet this is in light that only a part of the e cigarettes that are sold do look like the real thing the rest has rather exotic shapes and designs. The commissioner stated that the main reason that he is campaigning for this ban is based on the concern of getting children from smoking. This was further confirmed by the main sponsor of this proposed ban, Councilman James Gennaro, who reiterated that it is aimed at protecting minors who could mistake e cigarette products for the tobacco variant and be of the mind that smoking is socially acceptable.

The hearing that was held yesterday on how best electronic cigarette products could be managed in New York was described as “one of the most scientifically vague and emotionally charged health committee hearings in recent memory.” There have been vague assumptions that have been made that even the best electronic cigarettes are as dangerous as regular cigarettes but the main justification offered by supporters of a ban on the use of electronic cigarettes is based on the safety record that the manufacturers.

The effective level of the electric cigarette is still yet to be verified under deliberation but there have been many that swear by it. There is a growing legion of smokers that claim because of the best electronic cigarette products that they are using, they are now having a better and more comfortable lifestyle as compared to when they were smoking tobacco variants.

Whilst the best electronic cigarette rationale that has been offered for the smoking ban was that it was for the protection of bystanders. Yet Commissioner Farley did confirm that there is really no evidence that electric cigarette vapor which is almost made up of propylene glycol (an FDA-approved ingredient) and water, nicotine and flavoring agents do pose a risk to vapers or those around them. Still, he stated that “can’t guarantee” the level of safety, and since “do put out fine particles and chemicals,” which was revealed by top e cigarette reviews after the hearing.

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