Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews Reveal Chicago to Crackdown on Vaping

The latest electronic cigarette reviews reveal that Chicago is about to become the next city to issue an ordinance that will result in the smoking devices being treated the same way as tobacco cigarettes.

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/25/2013 -- According the latest electronic cigarette reviews the city of Chicago is considering making the banning of vaping in places where smoking is already prohibited and this is in addition to the out the stopping of sales of menthol and flavored tobacco products in a much wider area around schools. This according to many is been a under a mayoral crackdown effort that has been timed to coincide with a rise of cigarette tax hike to 75 cents a pack. The city would also make it mandatory for all e cigarette dealers to be licensed.

Many electronic cigarette reviews argue that current Mayor Rahm Emanuel is working in tandem with Aldermen Will Burns and Edward Burke to target any such products that are and can be used to lure minors into smokers and in turn into a lifetime nicotine addiction. Their first proposed ordinance is aimed at regulating all e cigarettes products as “tobacco products” that would be subject to the City of Chicago’s smoking ban. This would result in vaping products being be moved and positioned behind the counter of all retail stores as well as banning the sales of these products to minors. In addition all mature smokers will be banned from using vapor cigarette products in all of indoor Chicago areas with the exception of private residence homes and personal vehicles, smoking approved hotel rooms and at a distance of at least 10 feet from building entrances.

The second ordinance that is being proposed would ban the sale of all menthol flavored tobacco products in an area that is within 500 feet of Chicago schools based on the local electronic cigarette reviews. That is an extension five times the current radius that is being enforced for smoking, but it currently does not include smokeless cigarette products.

These ordinances will be introduced and reviewed at the next City Council meeting on Tuesday 26 November where according to electronic cigarette reviews, the city’s aldermen are expected to approve the 2014 budget. This is the same budget that will which include a cigarette tax increase of 75 cents a pack making Chicago the highest combined state and local tax in the nation, however this tax will not apply to electric cigarette products.

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