Best Electronic Cigarette Shrug off Unbiased Electronic Cigarette Health Risks Claims

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2014 -- The issue Of Electronic Cigarette Health Risks Is Relatively Unknown At Best And Many Have Considered Their Real Effects On The Growth Of The Best Electronic Cigarette. In fact the reality is that many have been of the mind that the smokeless cigarette is as risk averse as tobacco cigarettes and this has been the news that traditional media has been creating. Yet there are those that have been looking closer at these electronic cigarette health risks that are being reported by the media. Many of these independent smokeless cigarette studies that are the basis of these claims and they have resulted in many states and cities making independent rulings on the smokeless cigarette.

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Yet on the issue of electronic cigarette health risks, there have been calls for the public to have a closer look at the facts on the grounds before making decisions. Many have stated that it is not fair to say that The Best Electronic Cigarette Which Has Resulted In Zero Deaths And Injuries In The 10 Years That It Has Been In Global Demand whilst in the US alone, there are 40000 deaths that are attributed to the tobacco cigarette annually. But the greatest claims are those that say the claims of the electronic cigarette health risks are based on a flawed and highly biased regimen.

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The reality is that these tests are done in a controlled environment that has a sterile climate and this is where the tests on the best electronic cigarette products are done. Yet the reality on the ground where the e cigarettes are being used smokers on a daily basis is entirely different.

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