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Recent statements by a group of top EU academics that the electronic cigarettes are a far better option than regular cigarettes have given it a boost in popularity.

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2013 -- According to recent electronic cigarettes article that was published in the British Financial Times that stated the smoking devices are doing a lot in helping smokers. It stated that because of the existence of the e cigarettes there are now more and more people that are turning from traditional smoking to vaping the smoking devices and this is being done as there is greater social acceptance of the smoking devices. The article stated that smoking is by far the leading fatal cause of preventable death and disease in Europe and that of the over 25% of adults’ smokers 700000 premature deaths are registered each year unlike with e cigs that have an almost zero fatality rate.

Yet while the usual conventional smoking cessation methods have lingered so far, electronic cigarettes are seen as assisting smokers migrate to what was called by Prof Gerry Stimson “a safer alternative” and in the EU there are an estimated 7 million to 12 million users. The positive story of the vapor cigarettes was further assured with a recent ruling by the European parliament turned down this proposal, favoring consumer regulation instead of regulating them like medical goods. The European Commission voted against these proposals on the basis that they would limit and restrict the market and consumer appeal that would compel people to buy electronic cigarette products.

According to the article that Prof Gerry Stimson and other respected academics such as Dr Jacques Le Houezec, Consultant in Public Health in France the common belief was that regulating electronic cigarettes in the proposed way would have made it easier to market tobacco cigarettes than “the much safer” smoking devices. They based the findings that that level of regulation would have made it hard for the e cigarette industry to maintain the current level of innovation that the entire industry has become so well known for. They also believed that there are many that state the level of quality that is common with the vapor cigarettes is what has made them so popular as it keeps on developing and as it keeps on getting better and more improved as it was with the previous levels.

The electronic cigarettes have been called the next step in smoking based on recent estimations that within the next 10 years there will be more people that will using them instead of regular cigarettes. In fact these estimations went as far as saying that by 2020 the electronic cigarette brands will be an industry worth $20 annually.

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