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Best Food Tours NYC Loves Stuffing Their Face with Vegetarian Food

Best Food Tours NYC loves stuffing their face with some of the best vegetarian delicacies New York has to offer and their new logo proves it!

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2013 -- Now arriving in New York City's Grand Central Terminal is Best Food Tours NYC -- the newest, most interactive and insightful vegetarian food tour to roll into the Big Apple. And leading groups of gustatory thrill seekers on a tasty face stuffing trek (check our their new logo it's definitely a mouthful) through the underground adventureland of Grand Central are Best Food Tours NYC's own Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew -- licensed NYC tour guides aka the Comical Nutritional Aficionados.

Furthermore with the holiday season in full swing there's no better way to bring in tasty tidings than with a vegetarian expedition through Grand Central that will illuminate this terminal's splendid delicacies, majestic history and hidden mysteries.

“Grand Central has been a gateway for 100's of millions of people over the last century and this iconic landmark not only retains its past glory it also has added something to its splendor – vegetarian food!” says Dr. Stew of Best Food Tours NYC. “And when it comes to food our new logo says it all -- we take our food seriously and love chowing down and filling our cheeks with some of the best vegetarian foods NYC has to's the perfect logo for this delicious city.”

Moreover this vegetarian food loving, face stuffing tour incorporates the power of audio visual technology to explore the origins of a whole variety of vegetarian foods -- from how peanut butter came into being to how to create a loaf of bread while even including some of their tasty nutritional benefits. Moreover their groups of food lovers will discover an array of different food shops, markets and restaurants nestled in an unmatchable historic treasure that this tour unravels equally as well.

“People always want to know how do they make chocolate? Or where the heck did chili come from? And as they experience some of these treats after knowing their origins it just taste that much sweeter.” says Dr. Pete.

So come along with Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew of Best Food Tours NYC and enjoy a mouthful of vegetarian entertainment as they eat their way through the spectacular concourses, halls and passageways of New York City's Grand Central while discovering a myriad of secrets of one the worlds greatest train terminals!

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Best Food Tours NYC ( is New York's newest, most exciting and interactive food tour that allows participants to discover the best New York has to offer. Their food tours are open to public private and corporate events.