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Best Food Tours NYC - Vegetarians Are Sweet on Valentine's Day

Who ever came up with the idea of giving boxes of chocolates for Valentine's Day? Well, Best Food Tours NYC's vegetarian food tours has that chocolaty answer!

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2014 -- Valentine's Day is here and Best Food Tours NYC -- New York's #1 vegetarian food tour is going chocolate for the occasion.

In fact the long illustrious history of chocolate is being celebrated by Best Food Tous NYC this holiday weekend in one multisensory mouth watering experience in a place where Valentine's have been embarking on romantic rendezvous for well over 100 years – New York's Grand Central Terminal.

NYC's Grand Central Terminal has been the starting destination for Valentine holidays for over a century. But this enormous heated underground treasure is now the scene for New York's newest and most interactive vegetarian food tour. And in celebration of this occasion, Best Food Tours NYC will be taking romantic participants on a time traveling chocolate excursion while unwrapping the sweet secrets of this luscious food. And leading the way through this underground adventure will be Best Food Tours NYC's own Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew licensed NYC tour guides aka the Comical Nutritional Aficionados.

“One of the first images that pass through people's minds when they hear the word Valentine -- is a box of Valentine's Chocolates,” says Dr. Stew. “But chocolates illustrious history started over two thousand years ago when the ancient Mayans treasured this exotic food so much that cocoa beans were actually used as money and even given as gifts."

Moreover according to Best Food Tours NYC, giving boxes of heart shaped chocolates was actually thought up by Richard Cadbury, the famous chocolate maker back in the mid 1800's. In fact his boxes of heart shaped chocolates was such a huge hit that after the chocolate was gone these elaborate boxes were used to store romantic keepsakes. But there is another NYC Valentine's tradition that's explored during this special food tour and it takes place in one of Grand Central Terminal's most visited locations.

“There is a location on the lower level of Grand Central Terminal called the Whispering Gallery. This is a place that is now known as one of New York's most go to places when celebrating Valentine's Day,” says Dr. Pete. “ The gallery's unique acoustics allows people's voices to travel from one side to another and on Valentine's Day it has been said that quite a few whispering marriage proposals have been floated though the air.”

So if you want to embark on a vegetarian Valentine's weekend odyssey then join up with Best Food Tours NYC -- it's sure to be one sweet adventure.

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