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Best Food Tours NYC -- Vegetarians Can't Get Enough Dough

When it comes to dough or its baked end product-- bread (not the paper kind) NYC reigns supreme and Best Food Tours NYC vegetarian food tour showcasing in New York's Grand Central Terminal definitely knows how to knead its way to some of its tastiest loaves.

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2013 -- Best Food Tours NYC -- the city's newest, most affordable and interactive vegetarian food tour definitely takes its bread seriously. And where's the best place to discover a vast array of whole grain crusty enticements? New York's Grand Central Terminal of course!

Leading the charge to search out freshly baked loaves of delight are Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew -- Best Food Tours NYC's own licensed tour guides aka the Comical Nutritional Aficionados -- have found some of the tastiest whole grains breads in the city and they're only a train ride away. Moreover Best Food Tours NYC's illuminating tour not only allows participants to partake in the palatable tastings of a wide variety of vegetarian foods, it actually shows and tells how these foods are made and their unique origins throughout history via the use of some nifty audio visually technology.

“People are always intrigued when they discover how something is bread for instance. How the heck do they take some simple natural ingredients and turn them into this rising taste sensation?” says Dr. Stew of Best Food Tours NYC. “And when you can actually show people that bread has been around for over 8000 years and how it has evolved to the breads that we eat today -- it always seems to make bread that much tastier.”

Best Food Tours not only takes its guests on a tasteful encounter with a cornucopia of different vegetarian foods, it also takes them on a discovery trip through Grand Central that gives one a front row seat to the world's most celebrated train terminal.

“Grand Central Terminal has been around for over 100 years and when you start discovering all its hidden treasures its almost like being on the set of an adventure movie, “says Dr. Pete of Best Food Tours NYC.

So if you're really into “bread” plus a whole slew of scrumptious foods nestled within a century's worth of amazing historical wonders, take the next train out to Grand Central Terminal and join up with Best Food Tours NYC for one tasty vegetarian adventure.

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