Best GoPro Hero 3+ Camera for Boxing Day Sales and Christmas Deals

The website now recommends GoPro Hero 3+ for Boxing Day and Christmas.

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Brawley, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2013 -- The GoPro camera brand is best known for its durability, sturdy build, and its capability to be used outdoors. The latest and modified version GoPro Hero 3+ provides several features that are ideal for people who like outdoor activities and who want achievements to become memorable. The upcoming Boxing Day offers numerous affordable deals and discounts for the GoPro Hero3+. The website now recommends this product for Boxing Day and Christmas.

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“Various people have different ways of expressing themselves and recording experiences using a camera. The GoPro Hero 3+ is perfect for those people who love doing outdoor activities or have lifestyles that are active,” said Dennis, spokesperson of

The GoPro Hero 3+camera is mainly designed for people who loves doing enjoyable activities such as skydiving and skateboarding. People engaged to doing extreme sports usually use it in order to record fun experiences in high quality and with cinema-like features. This camera is designed for resisting extreme conditions and can be installed easily on different kinds of settings. It offers numerous benefits than its preceding models.

The GoPro Hero 3+ features up to 4K video resolutions and shooting of scenes in 12 megapixels at 30 frames per second. It is equipped with Wi-Fi to easily connect with wireless connection. It features Auto Low Light and Superview technology modes which enable the user to improve the field of vision and to perform well in dim lights. This camera has increased durability and designed with a 131’/40m to become watertight. It has 20% less weight than its predecessors as well as 30% longer battery life than other models.

“This camera is not only for those people engaged in sports activities. It is designed chiefly for creativity and people will be able to use it to keep their fun experiences through high quality pictures,” Dennis added.

People looking for GoPro Hero 3+ information and deals can go to

The site recommends products fitted for Boxing Day. The site also provides people with information and details for them to have an informed decision when getting products for the holidays.

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