Joe Bragg Celebrates Five Years of Offering Customers Detox Solutions


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/15/2012 -- More and more employers and other organizations are beginning to use drug tests on a regular basis. For an individual who must face the challenge of taking a required drug test, drug detox products and home drug tests might provide an effective solution. These individuals may not know where to find high-quality, reliable drug detox products and may be afraid to ask.

The Internet offers a discreet way to research and purchase drug detox products, and Internet users across the country are discovering an online store that fulfills all of their needs. The website that they are all talking about just celebrated its fifth year of providing quality drug detox products and home drug tests. A spokesperson for, explains their products:

“Detox is detoxification in short and when we use the term ‘drug detox’ or sometimes ‘drug flush,’ we actually refer to the process of removal of drugs or any other toxins from the human body.”

“Our store covers all the bases when it comes to drug testing and detoxing, with everything from pills, special drinks and even teas on offer. Our drug detox programs are particularly popular with consumers as they cleanse the body of all toxins. These detox programs cleanse the body, improve health and also enable consumers to pass a drug test while protecting their privacy.”

At, visitors can find a variety of products, even synthetic urine. They will also find THC detox kits, detox pills, detox drinks, hair test products and saliva test products. Each product page describes the product in full detail and includes a high quality digital image of the product, so customers know exactly what they are buying.

The site is simple to navigate with products broken down by category on the homepage. If visitors are unsure what type of product they require the site has a handy search facility that allows consumers to search via types of test, products or toxins.

Customers can also find a plethora of high quality editorial content on the website’s blog. Articles include topics like how to pass a drug test and the dos and don’ts of drug testing. These detailed articles enable customers to be fully informed about the drug testing process and ways in which they can detox in preparation for drug tests.

About is an online store that recently celebrated its fifth year of selling drug detox products and home drug tests. It also contains a lot of helpful information about drug testing — interesting facts and useful tips as well as the latest news on its blog. also has an online THC calculator that helps to calculate the level of toxins in the body.

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