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BestVaporCigarettes.Net Talks About E Cigarettes and Vaping in the Year 2013

BestVaporCigarettes.Net discloses that EverSmoke is giving a discount of 25% on their starter kits.

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2013 -- BestVaporCigarettes.Net wants smokers to enjoy the New Year with e cigs. EverSmoke is giving a discount offer to their customers this festive season.

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EverSmoke is a well- known and reputed brand of e cigarette. The brand is famous for their thick vapor, awesome customer service, advanced technology, and also for Great tasting flavor cartridges. BestVaporCigarettes.Net has graded EverSmoke as one of the top brands of e cigarette on the website.

Some of the e smokers who want to start the New Year with e cigs then EverSmoke starter kits are best for them. And the beneficial part for now is that all the starter kits of EverSmoke are coming on discounted price. The brand is giving 25% off on their starter kits.

The starter kits that are coming with the discounted price are as follows:

1) EverSmoke Basic Starter Kit – This Basic starter kit is an amazing outline in the e cigarette industry. The regular price of the kit is $79.99 but during the offer it is available only for $49.99.

2) EverSmoke Pro Starter Kit – This kit is the most popular kit offered by EverSmoke. The reason behind this popularity and demand of the product is that they are a great choice for the price. The regular price of the kit is $99.99 but while the discount it is being offered only for $79.99.

3) EverSmoke Ultimate Starter Kit – This Ultimate kit has its own impression among their users. It was designed for those who want both the luxury and convenience. The original price of this impressive kit is $174.99 but during the offer it is given to the customers just for $149.99.

4) EverSmoke Couples 2 Kit Combo – The couples who want to experience and enjoy e cigs together this combo kit is best for them. The regular price of the combo kit is $189.96 but during the offer it is coming for $99.99.

5) EverSmoke Reusable Express Kit – The specialty of this express kit is that it is both compact and stylish. It is the most affordable kit introduced by EverSmoke. Although the kit comes only for $39.99 but during the offer the price has reduced more and now it is coming only for $29.99.

6) EverSmoke Disposable Electronic Cigarette Packs – The best way to go smoke less. The pack of 5 comes for $49.99, the pack of 10 comes for $89.99 and the pack of 15 comes for $124.99.

EverSmoke is the best way to get started with e cigs. For detailed EverSmoke reviews visit the website

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