Bidet4me.Com Now Accepts the Bitcoin as a Method of Direct Payment is the premium source for getting the best bidets or toilet seats possible in the virtual world

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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2013 -- Online shopping has grown by leaps and bounds and almost everything can be bought off the net. From cars to clothes to electronics to lifestyle items, they are all available in the virtual world for selling. As far as bathroom fittings are concerned, one of the best online destinations to visit is The website is glad to announce that it now accepts the Bitcoin as a method of direct payment.

As its name suggests, is a website dealing in the selling of bidets, more commonly known as toilet seats. Bidets of the highest quality, crafted with the most advanced technology and made with the best combination of durable materials available can be found on this website. Bidets are among the most old fashioned toilet fittings that are still used in the modern age and although various other bathroom accents have tried to better it in performance, the good old bidet still has an edge over them. There are various advantages of using a bidet and fitting one in the bathroom:

- They are not dirty but are much cleaner than toilets
- They leave users feeling cleaner; just like washing your hands
- Many people harbor the misconception that the usage of bidets is weird and out of fashion but this is far from the truth. They have been around for more than 2 centuries now and have been used by millions of citizens of the world.
- A lot of doctors and health professionals recommend the usage of bidets as an additional preventive measure against anal diseases such as piles, constipation, hemorrhoids and diarrhea.

This website gladly accepts returns of unused and uninstalled products within 14 days of the invoice date that customers who have purchased have been unsatisfied with. is the one stop shop for finding a large variety of bidets and bathroom accessories online.

About ( is an online provider of top grade toilet seats. The company has been supplying residential and commercial bidets, commonly known as toilet seats, to North American as well as international markets. With the help of their advanced technology and expertise, the team at offers the best quality, high-tech commodity to their valued customers.