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BiggiFi Is Launched and Soaring

The innovative mobile to TV wireless interface company is funded and has hit the ground running

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Largo, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2014 -- The power of mobile has just been increased.  The Ervine, California-based technology company, BiggiFi, has completed its round of funding on Indiegogo and has exploded onto the mobile computing scene with authority.

BiggiFi is a revolutionary approach to adapting a mobile device to display on an HDMI television.  This unique, Android-driven device uses a more streamlined and faster method for turning the TV into a giant tablet.  Unlike other devices, which use special remotes and latency-burdened screen mirroring, BiggiFi is a self-operating wireless unit that plugs directly into the TV’s HDMI port.  Further, the BiggiFi unit is operated through an app right on any mobile device, including the Android, iPhone, IPad and other mobile phones and tablets.  In this way, your mobile device is linked directly to the TV with no lagging and even allows multiple users.

“We not only wanted to produce a new way to turn the TV into a giant tablet,” commented BiggiFi’s CEO Karl Zhao, “but we wanted it to be cost-effective.  At only $89, we feel we’ve created the right mix of usefulness and value.”

Because one BiggiFi can interface with multiple mobile devices of varying manufacture, it allows a great deal of exciting group interaction.  Most notably, the device can act as a mobile game platform for virtually any type of console system, including classic arcade, Atari and Nintendo consoles.  With one BiggiFi, you have a portable, multi-player game console with an almost unlimited capacity and versatility.

Another of BiggiFi’s unique value points is that it runs Android directly on the device, thus allowing the use of millions of currently available apps as well as new apps and games that are coming out every day.  The company has even released a fully-functional and totally free software development kit (SDK) for those technical users who wish to develop games and apps directly.

With BiggiFi’s flexibility, adaptability, speed and use of native mobile device controls, coupled with a price that is cheaper than many good phone cases, this is sure to be a winner in the mobile market.  BiggiFi makes a great gift and will continue to prove itself over time.  When you plug into BiggiFi, you plug into a mobile computing world that’s bigger and more exciting than you ever thought possible.

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