Provides Helpful Tips for Bicycle Enthusiasts

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2013 -- Created by a fan of all bicycles and disciplines, provides useful information about road bikes, mountain bikes, and also hybrid bicycles that are used for both road travel and riding on rugged terrain. Website founder James John stated, “I have been riding bicycles nearly all of my life and I have a very deep passion for everything involving bicycles. I took that passion and love and created as a way to help others by providing useful bicycle tips and information in one central location. My goal is to provide an online resource that consumers can visit any time they have a bicycle related question and be confident that they will find the answer they are looking for. The website does everything from discussion different bicycle activities, to providing tips on how to choose a bike.”

The website also features a newsletter that keeps subscribers up to date about current bicycle events and also delivers helpful bike tips via email. Mr. John added, “Interested website visitors can easily add their name and email to our newsletter list and receive valuable information directly in their email inboxes. I think it is important to keep our viewers informed with current bicycle news and also provide information that they can use when selecting a new bike to purchase. For example, we receive several inquiries from consumers wondering what the most comfortable bike seat is, and something like that can be included in our newsletter and help a lot of consumers make the right choice when purchasing his or her new bike.” Fans of the website are also encouraged to “Like” the Facebook page, add the Google Plus page to their circles, and also follow the official Twitter page.

The website was first created when the founder realized there was a void when it came to informative bicycle content available online. “Something as simple as looking for a high quality bike light used to be a problem. Consumers would look online and only find advertisements for bike lights, but they did not explain all of the different options available when it comes to bicycle lights. When someone lands on this website and looks at our bike light information they will have everything they need to pick out the best light for their bicycle.” plans to continue growing into the top authority for bicycle information found online.

About is a website that is fully dedicated to all things related to bicycles. James John, a bicycle fan that dedicates his time to help educate and inform consumers about everything related to bicycles, created it. Complete information can be found on the website located at There is also a Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook page dedicated to the website to help spread the bicycle tips.