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Binary Profit Cloner Review a Step by Step Guide to Makes $200 to $1000 Daily on Autopilot

Andrew Bateman has made a video in which he logs into his account and shows an amount of $524,644.00 in his trading account made trading with the Binary Profit Cloner software. According to Andrew Bateman, the win/loss ratio of his Binary Profit Cloning Software is 91.2%.

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Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2014 -- Earning $200 to $1000 on autopilot daily, steadily and surely has never been made more appealing. Here is a technology that can make its way through the ups and downs in a trading market and earn profits without any human intervention. There is no requirement of working certain hours or keeping the PC turned on at certain times, this is a completely hands-off software, ready to give that feeling of being at home to its users in the most truest sense of the word.

This cloning technology will work without asking for any prior knowledge of the trading world, without a very hefty amount of investment and without devotion of long tiring hours.

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Once this program has been installed, the only reason for the user to log into their accounts will be to simply check their profits. Almost like money growing on a tree. What this program should not be mistaken for is a robot, a signal service or a coaching program. What this program really offers is the freedom to be anywhere in the world without worrying about work, the freedom to be your own boss and the freedom to choose your income amount. The product has been made available for as low as $47 and backed by a 60 day money back guarantee. All that is being asked is to make one small worthwhile investment and watch it work wonders.

About Andrew Bateman
Andrew Bateman started trading forex in 1984. Since 194, he has managed over $200 million trading forex for himself and his clients. When binary options were introduced as an asset on Chicago Board of Exchange, his clients demanded that he trade these binary options for them as well. In the 1987 market crash, he traded the weaknesses of AUD and NZD. During the Tech Burst, he betted on the dollar getting stronger and recently when Greece bankruptcy was killing the market, he was profiting from the EUR/USD going all the way down.