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BioCare Offers Top Quality Respiratory Surveillance Programs

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Holt, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2013 -- Bio-Care USA, one of the leading providers of occupational medical testing in the country, includes a respiratory surveillance program for workplaces in its list of services, offering special expertise in respirator FIT testing. Services will also include pulmonary screening and provision of medical questionnaires. All of these services are provided on-site at some of the best rates in the field of occupational PFT testing. Successful respirator FIT testing is a necessary pre-condition to the usage of respirators in the workplace environment, which could be necessitated by various pulmonary complications or diseases. Possible exposure to harmful effluents or other such substances in the workplace (such as in a factory environment, for example) can pose serious health risks to the employees concerned.

Further, wearing a respirator which does not fit the worker properly can undermine the practical value of this practice and lead to harmful consequences, which is why federal health organizations dictate that workers who have to wear such respirators on the job first undergo respiratory FIT testing in the workplace. Bio-Care USA provides the relevant medical solutions for workplaces in this regard, and covers both the qualitative and the quantitative formats of respiratory FIT testing. The former, which depends on leakage detection and feedback by the subject, is sufficient for most respirators covering the mouth and nose area, whereas the latter works for respirators of any kind. Bio-Care's expertise in both these formats ensures that selected respirators are free of leakages and other defects, thus ensuring the workers' health is not compromised by such an avoidable circumstance, and also simultaneously fulfilling the employer's workplace medical testing obligations in the most cost-effective and reliable manner possible.

Bio-Care's pulmonary screening also undertakes the task of detecting previously unrecorded respiratory complications with the same level of professional efficiency. Medical questionnaires to facilitate the feedback process are also available, both on-site and online. Bio-Care's level of proficiency and availability of diverse mask-types makes it the prime alternative for testing for a large employee base over multiple shifts.

Also, Bio-Care's custom electronic medical and regulatory product, the Cambium Management Suite, designed for adaptable usage by company officials, which takes into account the actual need of its functions by the firm for greater cost-effectiveness, provides a good online backup of medical results that can be accessed when needed by just the right officials so that the information can be used for future reference and remain reasonably confidential.

These characteristics consolidate Bio-Care USA's position as the leader in the field of occupational PFT testing with reliable test results and efficiency, backed-up by an efficient and easy-to-use confidential online database, making it the best choice for occupational medical testing solutions.

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