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BioCareUSA Offers Affordable Workplace Flu Shot Service on Site

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Holt, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2014 -- Robust health is prerequisite to remarkable employee performance, exceptional work output and operational efficiency. Yet it is not always a smooth ride for companies as they have to deal with the ever-present threat of infections. One of the leading causes of worker absenteeism is flu. The highly contagious condition can spread at the workplace and cripple operations. If not tested, detected and managed promptly, workplace flu can deal heavy blows to companies.

So companies need the right partners to help in health promotion through workplace flu shots. Bio-care, a leading US-based provider of surveillance and site testing to all companies and organizations, has now opened its doors to more partnerships in order to boost workplace productivity through affordable flu shots on site.

Health professionals and technicians at Bio-Care are driven by their shared vision of improv-ing work output and labor efficiency within organizations across the globe, so they use all of their skills, expertise and experience in their work. And their unshakable belief in precision and accuracy ensures that they generate relevant flu shot results.

Since going out in search for reliable flu testing agencies is always an arduous task, many employees and companies end up ignoring the tests altogether. As partners with organiza-tions, Bio-care offers a workplace flu shots service closer to the workers, hence encourag-ing more people to take the tests. In turn, organizations are usually spared the loss of lots of working hours because employees are tested on site. The team doing the tests has expert customer care personnel with good persuasion skills. Therefore, when they talk to workers about flu shots, they will usually win them over.

About BioCare, Inc.
The Bio-care flu shots on location team are a pool of competent technicians and medics with ample experience in testing for flu. They use the latest techniques, equipment and rea-gents. And depending on the size of a company’s workforce, there are always enough per-sonnel sent to conduct the shots on location. Moreover, the tests are done speedily, allowing the testing of the whole workforce in a day or so. The testing process is also friendly and en-joyed by almost all the people who take the tests.

Because workplace flu shots should be provided according to regulations and set standards, the agency has put in place a set of internal quality checks. Clients can also be assured of the accuracy of the test results because the agency is accredited and licensed. Join the partnership with Bio-Care at http://www.biocareusa.com for enhanced productivity through affordable flu shots on site.

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BioCare, Inc.
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