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BioCareUSA Offers Firefighter Physical Exams Service to Help Promote the Efficiency of Firefighting Services in America

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Holt, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2014 -- Bio-care is now offering firefighter physical exams. The testing agency, which ranks among the top in the United States, has been offering a broad range of testing services to various companies and now promises to help promote the efficiency of firefighting services in America and beyond through accurate testing of recruits.

Firefighting is an arduous job and requires a physically fit person to work effectively and save lives. BioCare helps fire fighting departments increase the efficiency of their employees by giving them physical tests. Firefighting requires physical agility, stamina and strength in order to effectively complete the tasks involved. There are numerous hazards involved and the firefighting environment is constantly changing. BioCare’s designed physical exams help organizations and the fire department keep themselves compliant with all local, state and federal guidelines and standards.

Bio-care’s workplace physical exams have been designed to be performed at the workplace and they utilize the latest techniques and equipment to scan and collect the health data of employees. The workplace physical tests include a variety of testing that thoroughly documents the health state of each employee and this data is available to the organization and the employees alike thorough BioCare’s state of the art data management software called Cambium Management Suites which is a web based application for data management and is available 24/7 to the organizations.

- Bio-Care testing includes the following:
- Pulmonary function testing, also called PFT's
wellness programs
- ECG's also called electrocardiographs
chest xrays
- Vision screening
- Hearing screening
- Labwork including urine and blood for comprehensive bloodwork, even heavy
- Metal screening
- Flu shots
- Tuberculosis screening
- Tetanus vaccines
- Physical exam by a physician or physician's assistant

About BioCare, Inc.
The Bio-care public safety physical exams team is dedicated to improving the delivery of top-notch firefighting physical exams services. It delivers as much accurate test results as it promises. BioCare has been hogging the limelight for a long time due to its knack in providing a host of health and wellness services and is the top name among wellness service providers in the USA.

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BioCare, Inc.
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