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M16 & the Full Moon Wolves Release "Blame It on the Game" from Their Album "the Rebellion"

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Newport Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/01/2012 -- M16 & The Full Moon Wolves cross reality with a dream on the first release "Blame It On The Game" from their album “The Rebellion”. Artists with the talent to communicate life’s fullness while connecting to the soul have all but faded into nostalgia. M16 & the Full Moon Wolves bring back the essence of music, with a blend of Linkin Park, Limp Bisket, and Kid Rock. Strong vocal delivery that is a mixture of DMX, Mystical, Ja Rule, Lenny Kravitz, and Busta Rhymes combine to create a kinetic energy like that of the Black Eye Peas. It’s a perfect formula for a funky, grooving, Hip-Hop sound with a rock infusion, leaving the listener spellbound and awestruck. Crank up the volume, listen to the new era, and become who you are, and "Blame It On The Game"

This is a group that speaks for the underdog, the middle child who feels less loved, and those that rebel and go against the grain. Have you ever been called different, the outkast or not a part of the norm in society's eyes? Well, listen, free your mind, and expose yourself to life’s many prolific revelations. "Blame It On The Game" from their album “The Rebellion” will bring the out-crowd back into the in-crowd. While witnessing this band’s performance you will begin to connect to who you are and free yourself from what others want you to be. Turn it on, Join The Movement, and Welcome To The Rebellion.

M16 & The Full Moon Wolves have created an EP that connects to fans ranging in age from 10 to 58. The music is clean, free of derogatory and offensive language and delivers a true message of life to the listeners. In a world where negativity is promoted on an on-going basis, it is necessary and refreshing that positivity, encouragement, and enlightenment are finally being used to ignite the soul within. Want more of “The Rebellion” contact the group for more information on performances, releases, and, events.

"We Refuse To Be X'd Out" by Antwoinne "Bullz i Poetic" McLendon 2012 - The Full Moon Documentary coming in November 2012

Listen to "Blame It On The Game" Click Below

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