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Electronic Cigarette Maker Bloog Launches New "Mod" Battery

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Marlboro, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2012 -- Bloog is set to launch its first "mod" battery - a more powerful, longer-lasting battery that has mass appeal particularly amongst the "seasoned" vaping community. Electronic cigarette “mod’ or modification is an improvement on the original product. Bloogs original battery has received great reviews such as this one from eCigarette Critic.

“The battery and vapor cartridge produce a great amount of vapor, around 360-400 puffs per cartridge that is equivalent to one full pack of cigarettes before having to recharge. The battery section has a slightly larger diameter, giving it a ”fatter” feel in your fingers, but is approximately the same length as a traditional cigarette. One convenient option of chargers, along with the usual USB chargers, home adapter and car charger is the Personal Charger Case (PCC). The PCC allows you to travel with your Bloog without the need of a power outlet or computer all day. Just charge the case before your leave. In addition, the battery portion of the Bloog comes in a variety of 9 colors, which sets them apart from many of the other name brands.” - eCigarette Critic

The new “mod” battery comes at a perfect time, as e-cigs are steadily gaining more publicity and market share in the "nicotine" industry. When electronic cigarettes came out in the market back in 2007, a lot of smokers were intrigued by it. Electronic cigarettes, no larger than a pen, which promises to help people quit smoking without all the dreaded side-effects of withdrawal. It’s not just the novelty of the product that has maintained its success. In the case of e cigs, it’s the fact that it has proven to deliver its promise of helping people kick the habit of tobacco smoking. The UBS-CSP Daily News survey further asked if sales of e-cigarettes had grown over the past 12 months. The answer was an emphatic yes. Four of five retailers had experienced growth.

Bloog's mod will be the first truly "branded" mod. Drawing on the success of their e-cig products, Bloog is branding its new mod battery to strengthen its customer loyalty and product identification. The company has a set of related products that are manufactured by Bloog and are sold as a family of products under the marquee and banner of its brand. Bloog is looking for consumer recognition and a place of respect within its market. The mod's design will reflect the Bloog brand's aesthetics and image and will assist capturing future market share.

About Bloog
BLOOG, LLC., a manufacturer of e-cigarettes and electronic cigarette accessories, was formed in 2008 by a product development group based in New Jersey. Being ex-smokers themselves, the members of the team were amazed and intrigued when first setting eyes on the Bloog electronic cigarette prototype. The Bloog® e-cigarette management team saw the incredible potential for such a product to revolutionize the smoking industry. The goal was to provide smokers with new and improved e-cigarette as an alternative to traditional cigarette smoking which takes so many lives each year. The chance to be a part of something so important to society was critical to the formation of BLOOG, LLC. Following up on the original Bloog® Fusion electronic cigarette design, the Bloog® electronic cigarette product development team refined and improved performance of the next generation electronic cigarette to more closely simulate traditional smoking and the Maxx Fusion brand was born. Since then, the electronic cigarette business has steadily increased as more and more people adopt the new alternative to smoking from a brand and company they can trust, Bloog.

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