Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarette Comes out with Best E Cigarette Accessories to Enhance E Smoking Experience

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2014 -- Blu Cigs Is the Most Acclaimed Electronic Cigarette Brand; it is the best electric cigarette brand in the retail sale. Blu e cigs are known for offering a perfect blend of quality vapor, stylish exterior and chic accessories. Blu cigs e cigarette performance is recommended by many of the ardent fans of this electronic cigarette brand. Blu cig has come out with new vapor cigarette products from time to time. The recent addition was the Blu cigs ash less tray. The ash less tray is very compact and easy to carry.

The makers explain that the basic concept behind the ash less tray is that The Electronic Cigarette users can have equipment, which will hold the electric cigarette in-between puffs. For people who are working or at home, keeping the electric cigarette on a table or a desk is not very appealing, ash less tray however offers a clean surface to the e cigarette user to put the Blu cig.

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Blu cigs doesn’t have a mad list of accessories but the makers have all the necessary and user friendly accessories in the collection. The ash less tray derives the inspiration for its name by the fact that e cigarette are smokeless and hence there is no ash. But the ash less tray compliments The Best E Cigarettes as manufactured Blu cigs.

Blu cigs has always been a leader in the e cigarette market which is why it is considered the Best Electronic Cigarettes maker. The ash less tray like other Blu cigs products is designed elegantly and the introductory price is $5.95. Expert at say,” there were indeed people who would say that we keep losing our e cigarette and that there should be some other place to keep the e cigarette, Blu cigs has come out with exactly what the customer were in need of.”

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