Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarette Offers Premium Vaping with Premium 100 E Cigarette Starter Packs Says Digitalsmoke.Org

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2014 -- Blu cigs is the best electronic cigarette brand and has been ahead of many top rated electric cigarettes out there in the market. The electronic cigarette starter packs, the flavors, the quality of the material used in the electric cigarette and the exceptional customer service proves the worth of this highest rated electronic cigarette manufacturing brand.

The Blu Cigs’ premium 100 starter packs are what provide another pointer to Blu e cigs and is definitely talked about a lot in Blu cigs review. The best attribute of this pack is that it caters to customers who often complain of the battery being drained out. The Blu Premium100 pack comes with Social Features. The social feature enables one to know of other Blu cig user in close proximity.

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Also the pack can hold up to 5 cartridges and constantly monitors and charges the batteries kept inside. Not just this it can house bigger batteries. There is an indication for whether the pack is working or not, how much the battery is charged and there is a switch to turn on or turn off the social feature. Thus, the user has all the power. The pack is a smart pack and prevents overcharging of the e cigarette battery.

Blu cigs is also a great brand in other departments; it has all the attributes that prove its worth for being the best electronic cigarette brand. The reward schemes are great and the e liquid flavors are really aromatic as users review that Blu cig gives the maximum number of puffs and thick vapor which is being liked by all Blu cigs user.

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