Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarette on a Success Path as the Best E Cigarette Brand

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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/17/2014 -- Blu cig is an established brand in the electric cigarette niche and has introduced many pioneering products to electric cigarette users over the years. A number of factors can be credited for Blu cigs success as the best electronic cigarette brand in retail in the market. The Blu cigs electronic cigarette cartridges, flavor, Vaping experience, all are exceptionally well. The cartridge gives a long flavorful vapor. The e liquid for Blu cigs is a blend of imported and domestic ingredients and Blu cigs is possible the only top company which gets its ingredients from USA.

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The cartridge has been designed to give maximum vapor and give a superior Vaping experience. Blu cig review reflects the popularity of this electric cigarette brand. The built in atomizer helps prevent leakage and a single cartridge works well for 230-250 puffs. There are different nicotine levels from 0 to 16 mg/ml. the no nicotine cartridge also comes in all flavors and is said to be perfect for people who want to wean of nicotine completely. There are other vapor cigarette brands which offer nicotine strength more than this but with ongoing regulation debate; it is likely that e cigarette brands will be asked to keep a low nicotine level which then would be another plus point for Blu cigs.

An entire starter kit can be purchased from Blu at $69.95, one can buy e cigarette online or buy through retail. Online purchase is more preferred though. There are four electronic cigarette starter kits that Blu e cig offer; the starter pack which is the newest edition is being accepted well by Blu cigs users. The cartridge of smokeless cigarette by Blu is known to give the most realistic smoking experience.

Experts from say,” The design of Blu cigs is very stylish and chic. The starter pack is said to be very good as it can charge one battery on the go battery and keep two in store.” Blu which dominated the domestic market for the third quarter of last year is sure to rule the e cig niche and is ahead in the game from many top rated electronic cigarette makers.

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