Blu Cigs Make the Ultimate Disposable Electronic Cigarette to Dominate 2014

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2014 -- Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarette has also got a product range of disposable electronic cigarettes that are designed for on the go vaping. The basic design of disposables is that it is for those who are looking for an introduction into vaping or for those who want an emergency vaping option. Blu Cigs is one of the most trusted vapor cigarette manufacturers that have a solid reputation for quality of their entire product range. The Blu Disposable electronic cigarettes are designed to provide an excellent Vaping experience to those vapers who are looking for a long lasting product that has high quality taste.

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The Blu Cigs disposables have a number of unique product features that are designed to give vapers a smokeless cigarette that they are going to appreciate. This Best Selling Disposable E Cigarette is not only good for 400 puffs, but it is the ideal travel companion. With the unique silicone tip that is designed so that no e liquid evaporates over time it is designed to give vapers the maximum benefit. This onetime single piece vaping unit is best ideal for those who do not want the inconvenience of having to carry a charger and carrying case but still want to enjoy the best of electric cigarette. Blu Cigs also ensures that the solid all black build has a blue indicator light that is going to light up each time you take a puff.

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These disposable electronic cigarettes come with the same build quality that is similar to the Blu electronic cigarette starter kits, with the only exception that they’re not rechargeable.

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