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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2014 -- Blu Cigs has long been considered by many vapers to be among the best in the vaping particularly in the area of disposable electronic cigarettes. Their Blu Disposables are made in an effort to show new smokers that there is a better means of smoking unlike tobacco. The reality of vaping is that any electronic cigarette brand that wants to attract smokers and make them into newly converted vapers has to offer disposables. This is done by Blu Cigs in such a way that it lures smokers from tobacco cigarettes and from other brands by offering them high quality disposables.

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Their disposable electronic cigarettes are offered in their two most popular flavors namely being the tobacco and menthol flavors. All the vaper needs to do id pull of the activation tab on the disposable e cigarette means that the smoker will be able to start vaping immediately.

Blu Cigs has been considered by analysts including those at DigitalSmoke.Org to be one of the most widely distributed e smoke brands globally. Their attention to quality has been noted in their starter kits including with their High Quality Disposable Electronic Cigarettes they have on offer. The flavors are also made up of vapor cigarette liquid that is US made in order to make the vaping experience is consistent always.

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A single Blu Cigs disposable electronic cigarettes unit is roughly the same as 1 pack of cigarettes and for savings it costs much less. That combined with the reward points that have made Blu Cigs to be such a force in vaping.

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