Blu Cigs Starter Packs Prove Its Worth as the Best E Cigs Brand

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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2014 -- Starter kits offer a convenient way to start Vaping and allow customer to add a personalized touch to the electronic cigarette starter kits. Blu e cig can be safely considered one of the best e cigarette brands. The Blu e cigarette starter pack is an innovative new pack which is designed to impress the user. The design of Blu e cigarette pack is very chic and classy like other Blu cigs products. The Blu e cig starter pack is getting a lot of good reviews in a short span of time. The starter pack is very compact and easy to use. The pack has a charging slot which can be used to charge a battery which makes it a perfect travel companion.

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The ease of use factor is one main point of the Blu cigs starter kits. The Blu cigs e cigarette starter pack can hold three flavored cartridges with each cartridge capable of giving as many as 250 puffs. The starter pack can be charged on the go. The pack can hold three rechargeable batteries, each battery can be fully charged in 1-2 hours. The starter pack comes with two chargers, one is the car charger and the other is the USB charger.

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Along with the variety within starter packs there is also variety in the e liquid flavors available with the e cigarette starter pack of Blu cigs. The variety pack in itself is a very popular product which is getting rave e cigarette reviews. The variety pack again can give a personalized touch as the customer can choose as many as five of Blu e cigs best e liquid flavors. The Blu e cigarette starter pack is a perfect kit for both seasoned and new e cigarette users. Electronic cigarette reviews for Blu cigs clearly demonstrate the fact that Blu cigs user are more than satisfied with the exceptional quality of Blu cigs product.

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