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Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/31/2012 -- Consistent from being top rank since founded, Blu cigs claimed to be number one in the industry with the brand’s new features and products enjoyed by satisfied customers.

The flourishing electronic cigarette industry gives way to a lot of electronic cigarette brands to sprout. And one of the most celebrated is Blu Cigs. The company is making some noise every now and then as they introduce innovations after innovations for its products. Recently, the release of Premium 100’s e cig has been the talk in the industry.

“Why is Blu Cigs number one? It’s maybe because of our quality services and products. We in the company are dedicated in serving our consumers. We plan what products to release, how to design products perfectly, how to make this product more than satisfactory. It is an honor for us to receive good feedbacks from our customers. You know, when somebody posted testimonials for our products and say they are more than satisfied and they had tipped their friends about Blu Cigs. That makes the work more enjoyable for us,” shared a representative from Blu Cigs when asked about the company being on top in the e cigarette industry.

Blu Cigs continues to make their products top of the line. The release of products like Smart Pack and Premium 100 Starter Kit has paved Blu Cigs way to a wider exposure and an increased in the number of customers.

Smart Pack has made the cigarette industry more innovative. The product incorporates social features to the pack which allows one to recognize the presence of another Blu Cigs user. The pack is equipped with wireless technology that makes the pack vibrate and blink when another Blu Cig user is at an approximated distance. The Smart Pack is also being developed to equipped social media in the package for a more socially inclined electronic cigarette experience.

“Blu Cigs has great products that make use of technology to the fullest. The brand goes beyond customer satisfaction by making breakthroughs which are beneficial to the customers,” shared a Blu Cig user.

The Blu Cigs management is encouraging smokers to switch and experience electronic cigarette. The company also leaves the judgment to the customers on why they are considered number one in the e cig world.

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