Esmokehub's View on Tobacco Cigarettes Versus Electronic Cigarettes Market Competition

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Bend, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/14/2012 -- Electronic cigarettes are gaining countless loyal buyers today. By looking at its market standing, it’s noticeable that many of these patrons are smokers. Now the question is whether electronic cigarettes have what it takes to bring the tobacco market down with its current popularity. Esmokehub review site presents its point of view when it comes to this question.

There is a growing number of people who visit Esmokehub website, a review page on electronic cigarettes, to get assistance in finding the perfect e-cigs. The website lists several brands recommended by experts and rank them based on expert reviews and feedbacks coming from consumers.

But aside from providing reviews, Esmokehub also tackles several facts or news within the e-cig industry. One of the common questions people ask today is whether the electronic cigarette industry can cause the conventional tobacco market into a full collapse. One of the Esmokehub representatives stated, “There is a possibility considering the number of people who have been switching to this product for their smoking needs. What people look for today is being able to smoke without the fear of increasing their health risk. If this wave of consumers continue to grow then it’s possible for the electronic cigarette industry to dominate the market.”

In line with this with discussion, the Esmokehub representative also cited Wells Fargo Securities LLC senior analyst Bonnie Herzog. Herzog presented an article citing Lorillard’s, a tycoon in the tobacco industry, acquisition of Blu Cigs, which is a known e-cig brand. By looking at this recent event, people can conclude that electronic cigarettes are definitely catching up in the industry.

It would take several years but there is a high chance of seeing electronic cigarettes as the top choice among smokers. Today, the number of brands producing this product as well as the number of websites like Esmokehub serve as indicators that this product type is currently gaining popularity. Top brands also continue to produce top quality electronic cigarettes that will work effectively for smokers who plan to switch their smoking habit to vaping while enjoying their new flavors.

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