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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2014 -- Breast Actives is the newest and natural breast enhancement program which helps women achieve their desired look. The product combines an enhancement serum and pills that have been tested to be completely safe with no side effects. The company is now offering a complete workout program along with the products. This exercise program offers useful techniques and tips for achieving natural looks. Combined with supplement and cream, one can get an effective combination to achieve better physical appearance without the risk of surgery. These days, the demand for over-the-counter or non-surgical breast enhancement products is going to its peak.

For many years, mostly women have used Pueraria mirifica for its rejuvenating qualities. Since then, studies of breast enhancement have been carried out on women. These studies found 80% positive results on breast. Breast Actives is formed on the basis of such research findings. This formula contains pure mirifica extract which helps to improve the shape of breasts, gives a more youthful look to women of every age group.

Breast actives breast enhancing program has gained a significant popularity these days among customers especially in models and celebrities, who were going for surgery for several years to enhance the size and shape of their breast, they now prefer Breast Actives breast enhancing formula. The reason for the popularity of this product is it’s easy to use and natural formula, which can be used at home without going for risky surgery treatments.

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How does Breast Actives enhance the breasts beauty?

As the breasts size is impacted by the level of hormones and due to hormonal disorder breasts shrink and become shapeless. Breast Actives is effective formula which reactivates and maintains a proper level of hormone in female body. Consists of pills to be consumed orally and serum to be applied on breasts twice a day, this formula promotes the level of estrogen in female body, which is a hormone responsible of breasts growth.

In addition to its efficacy, some recent studies have also been carried out to demonstrate the safety of Pueraria Mirifica. Research has been conducted at the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department at the Phramongkutklao College of Medicine Bangkok, involving breast cell lines and Pueraria Mirifica activity in vitro. These studies have found that rhizome extract of Pueraria Mirifica has effective anti-estrogenic properties against breast cancer lines in vitro. In these studies Pueraria Mirifica extract has been found to restrict the growth of breast cancer cells that are dependent on estrogen.

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