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Bitcoin: BTC Robot Scam Exposed - the World's First Automated Bitcoin Trading Robot

This Bitcoin trading robot in no doubt one of its kind, unlike other trading robots, the risk of loss is quite low as compared to the chances of huge profit that people gain by sitting back and let the robot do its work

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Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2014 -- In the world of today, the advancement of technology is just unbelievable. The increase in technology everyday is so much that it is almost impossible to keep up with all the stuff happening around the globe. Half of the world doesn’t even know about the gadgets and how everything is so advanced now. A similar kind of an invention called Bitcoins was released in 2009 which not many people know about today but those who know about what Bitcoins are and how do they work, are in huge profits and getting richer every day.

BTC Robot is a program developed by two masterminds named Steve and Mike and since robots are developed to ease things up a bit for humans, this robot has the ability to automatically trade Bitcoins on behalf of the owner.

Bitcoin is a crypto-currency which can be traded to earn money just like trading currencies in Foreign Exchange trading systems. But here’s a twist. The Bitcoins have immense advantages over dealing with Foreign Currencies. Bitcoins are something that will never collapse. Which means even if Dollar, Euro and other currencies go bankrupt, people will still be making money by trading Bitcoins.

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Another advantage of Bitcoins is that this crypto-currency is inflation free. No matter how many Bitcoins are traded in a year, this does not affect inflation. To summarize it up a bit, this crypto-currency does not care whether the world is going through a financial crisis or not. It just focuses on one thing that is to make money through trades.

What a person needs to do, in simple words, buy some Bitcoins, is to sell them at a higher rate. That’s it. Since August 2013 till today, the price of one Bitcoin has increased 12 times. It has gone from $10 per Bitcoin to $800 per Bitcoin. Now how amazing is that. A person who is still not convinced about Bitcoins is probably someone who doesn’t know how to read English.

And it doesn’t end here. People must be thinking what are we going to do with all those Bitcoins? Well here is the answer. People can now pay and receive in Bitcoins for anything from games to clothes to gadgets to even university fees. One big example is of Google China which has now the facility to pay in Bitcoins for buying and selling of products.

BTC Robot is something that will make people money with no assistance required at all. The robot scans the current market and market trend and it will deal with what is best for its owner. Anyone can trust it blindly with his/her money with the assurance of a profit. The Robot does not rest, eat, drink or use the restroom so it is making money whenever you allow it to make.

Bitcoins are traded 24 hours 7 days a week. The choice is quite simple whether to go for it or skip it and live the rest of life with regrets. There must be something in this program that everybody’s going for it.