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Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2014 -- The e cig has been at the centre of the current infractions between the need for people to smoke a safer albeit less risky solution, yet there seem to be a trend to involve the smoking device in the scenario as people have come to grasps with the dangers that are posed by regular smoking. Yet there are those that claim the e cigarette must be regulated in the same manner as regular cigarettes and that this must be applied without restrictions or without limitations. Yet those that are for the electric cigarette claim the smoking device is being given too much unwarranted attention and that people should adopt a wait and see approach.

The main reason why people claim the e cig must be regulated like the tobacco variant is based on a series of independent tests that claim the smoking device is as health averse as regular cigarettes and in some situations it is worse. Yet these studies are being refuted by the vapers that claim the best e cig is being tested on a biased field. They claim that the smokeless cigarette is being tested without the federal government sanction in private labs that have a controlled environment and that are sterile in nature; which the argue is nothing that is represented in the real world.

They go further and claim that in the 9 years that the e cig has been on the market, there have been no fatalities and no casualties at all. They also state that electronic cigarette brands even without federal government oversight, they have been able to maintain this record due to the presence of industry enforced groups like TVECA.

In fact it is because of the success of such groups that the FDA has asked TVECA to be a consulting partner in the drafting of new regulation that would cater for the e cig. This has given the smoking community that claim the vapor cigarettes are considered by many to be a blessing as they claim that they are now experiencing a seemingly better and more comfortable lifestyle than they were with regular cigarettes.

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