Joe Bragg Creates Online Rehab Directory for Users from Every State to Find Help is an online forum dedicated to helping people manage and move on from cannabis addiction, and has now created a new rehab directory to help people find support locally.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2014 -- Cannabis is one of the most frequently used drugs across the world, as many feel it simply creates a heightened, altered state of awareness and calm. However, cannabis can have major side effects, especially on developing brains, and has been shown to be addictive. In fact, millions around the country suffer cannabis addiction, and need help. Now, Cannabis Rehab, an online forum support group for sufferers, has launched a rehab directory to help people get support from local establishments.

The establishments range from counseling centers to Christian shelters to county community services, and all provide quantifiable help and support in the form of counseling and drug abuse treatment programs.

The database can be searched by state so that everyone can find the nearest rehab centers to their own locations, and every entry comes with a detailed description of the services offered.

The rehab database is just one of the ever-expanding list of resources provided by the site, where the online rehab group has expanded to include FAQs, an addiction guide, video resources and of course, their popular forum for peer to peer support and discussion.

A spokesperson for Cannabis Rehab explained, “The rehab database is an invaluable asset as it helps people who have discovered or determined they are addicted to cannabis to take immediate action and source expert assistance in creating a strategy to manage and eradicate that addiction. The site is dedicated to helping people in as many ways as possible, and we now have the support of the national treatment network, which covers marijuana, to provide advice, guidance and support for visitors to our site just by picking up the phone and calling their confidential and discreet helpline. It’s all part of our continuing mission to provide the best possible resources to aid recovery.”

About Cannabis Rehab
Cannabis Rehab was designed to become a crowd-sourced resource center for those struggling to overcome Cannabis addiction, allowing individuals to find peer support and tested resources for coping with a life without cannabis. The site offers an online rehab group where users can discuss their issues with one another in a positive and proactive environment. For more information please visit: