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Capitales Fijos and Western Union Business Solutions, Have Just Signed a Deal

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2012 -- Capitales Fijos., ( and Western Union Business Solutions, have just signed a deal for customers in Europe.

New Capitales Fijos Inc., ( subsidiary of The Bank of Mellon Corp. and Western Union Business Solutions just signed an agreement by which, since last October 15 all depositors or new customers in Europe, especially in Spain and Portugal may open their certificates of deposit or “Plazos Fijos” and receive interest payments in EURO.

According to Margaret De Carmona, VP Operations Officer of Capitales Fijos Inc., "With this agreement, we eliminate the fear of many depositors in Europe how see their savings losing value due to fluctuations in currency and change into dollars. Now you can open your CD or “Plazo Fijo” in Euros and receive interest’s payment in the same currency.

Definitely Spain is the country most benefited, as in we have a large percentage of our customer. Previously, customers had to buy dollars to open the account and when received the payment of interest in dollars, had to re-sell. With this step, the customer was losing a percentage of their profits accrued interest.”

Capitales Fijos is a Financial Savings, Investment and Loan Company, based in New York, focused on the Hispanic market, is part of one of the oldest and largest banks in the United States. They offer personal loans, buying and selling Treasury bonds and time deposits for Latin America and some European countries.

You can communicate through phones in New York 917-512-0304 or toll free 888-206-2332, or by email at:

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