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Capsiplex Clinical Study Review Testing Its Side-Effects

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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2014 -- Review of Capsiplex pills clinical study as proved that the pill is effective in reducing the weight and burning extra fat in people. The study has also got the answer that why the pill is so effective in weight loss. Well the answer lies in its ingredients which includes only naturally available elements, no chemicals have been used for making this supplement. The main and the most effective ingredient is Capsaicin which is extracted from Capsicum, a red hot pepper. Research on Capsicum says that its regular intake in controlled manner doesn't let fat to accumulate in the body. It includes Capsaicinoids which is a group of compounds found in Capsicum which generates heat and controls the fat of the body.

The clinical study has proved that the capsiplex pill includes many more important ingredients apart from capsaicin which are Caffeine, Niacin, Piperine and HTP. All these ingredients together helps in controlling the fat generation in the body, burning the pre-accumulated fat, accelerating the metabolism, controlling the appetite and maintaining the mental health of the body. Results of statistical analysis on Capsiplex pills are listed below:
-> It burns 3 times more calories before exercise.
-> It helps in burning 3% more calories during exercise.
-> It then burns 12 times more calories for one hour after exercise in-comparison to when people take placebo.

So the total amount of extra calories burnt before, during and after exercise is 278 in-comparison to placebo. Taking this much of calorie can gain 25 pounds of weight in one year. It is equal to
-> 25 min of jogging.
-> 1 hamburger.
-> 1 slice of cheese pizza.
-> 2 chocolate chip cookies.
-> 1/2 bagel with 1T cream cheese.

The result also points about its side-effects which can include jittery feeling, anxiety and irritation among people who are sensitive to pepper. No harmful and risky side-effect has been seen till now. The formula used in this pill is comprehensive and advanced in itself. Its effectiveness has been tested from time to time by people and different kinds of clinical studies. The Capsiplex pill has proven itself with over 30 years of market experience that it is far more effective in weight loss than any other supplement.

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About Capsiplex pills
Capsiplex pills is the supplement which is used to reduce weight and burn fat. It is made up of completely natural ingredients so it doesn't have any kind of side-effects.